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Mar 29, 2010

Deborah Moskovitch, is the author of The Smart Divorce and the creator and facilitator of The Smart Divorce consulting services. Deborah has appeared on national television and radio programs and presents The Smart Divorcee seminars and workshops throughout Canada and the U.S.

Learning The Smart Divorce process helps...

Mar 22, 2010

Research into family breakdown shows that more than one in three children never see their fathers again after their parents split up, and nearly one in ten is so traumatized by the separation that they have considered suicide.  Children are often used as 'emotional footballs' and are left feeling 'used, isolated and...

Mar 9, 2010

Henry answers a listener question regarding 50/50 custody.

Mar 4, 2010

In America, a woman is beaten every 12 seconds.  One out of four women will be assaulted by a domestic partner, and male children exposed to domestic violence have a 700% greater chance of beating their female partners later in life.

Violence against women is wrong, and the only thing worse than this is to be Falsely...