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Aug 22, 2012

Single Again! Now What? returns with our 29th episode.  Joanie had a business obligation from her "real" job, so Lesley and Steve are holding court on a variety of subjects.

Sleep deprived Lesley, sucks it up and puts a smile on her face for our loyal listeners and discusses her control issues and how she deals with them.  Steve tries to play psychologist and get to the root of Lesley's control issues to no avail.

As you might expect when Lesley and Steve get together, things can get silly from time-to-time as in reminiscing about hormone induced teenage relationships filed with the joy of hickeys and rug burns.  But wait, this couple is deeper than they may seem.
These two are truly doing their personal work even though Steve feels he may never get to the place he wants to be.  Both Lesley and Steve share things that didn't work in their marriage and how they're trying to change for the good of future relationships.

Other topics discussed include:

  • Can people really change and should you try to change your partner?
  • Learning to be more sensitive to your partners feelings
  • A review of our "worst show ever"
  • Stupid sayings, such as "dude" and "I know right?"
  • Women's bad timing of bringing up other issues when their man is under stress
  • Cheating and "emotional" affairs
  • How to fight fair
  • And more.

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