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Jan 18, 2013

This episode of Single Again! Now What? with Joanie, Lesley & Steve, begins with a discussion about the movie Blue Valentine.  Steve saw the movie on Netflix and recommends all of our listeners watch it and provide their feedback.  (Note that there are adult scenes in the movie.) The film depicts a married couple shifting back and forth in time between their courtship and the dissolution of their marriage several years later.

The trio discuss how a once loving marriage can go south and explores ways to keep the love alive.  One way to keep the sex in a long term relationship was discovered by author, Carolyn Evans, and the subject of her new book, Forty Beads - The Simple Sexy Secret for Transforming Your Marriage.  Could something as simple as a bowl of beads help keep the sex in a relationship?  You might be surprised.

Finally, we welcome our guest, Betty Russell, a Dating Expert and a Board Certified Life Coach.  Betty provides tips for dating after divorce and we discuss when the right time to begin would be.  If you're new to the single life and preparing to date, you've found the right show.  For more on Betty, visit:

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