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Sep 7, 2012

Today on Single Again! Now What? with Joanie & Steve, Terry Gaspard, of, joins us to discuss her mission of helping women who grew up in divorced homes make healthy choices in their relationships.  (Steve helps represent for the male audience as well.)

Terry and her daughter, Tracy Clifford,  are both daughters of divorce.  Together, they started their website because they believe that many women struggle silently and needlessly through divorce.

Many daughters of divorce have trouble trusting their partners, fear their relationships will not succeed, and struggle with issues related to self-worth. A history of divorce in a girl’s childhood can predict ambivalence towards commitment in intimate relationships. With respect to divorce proneness, women whose parents divorced are more likely to enter marriage with lower confidence in the future of their marriage, potentially raising their risk of divorce.

Even though divorce no longer carries its old stigma in our culture, it still hurts as much as ever. While people’s reasons for divorcing vary, there are many emotions and transitions that have to be dealt with as family members rebuild their lives. Recent evidence has demonstrated that divorced individuals have higher rates of depression, lower levels of life satisfaction, and more health problems than married people.  Terry shares her personal story of dealing with divorce and tells how their new website is helping women and daughters of divorce.

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