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Nov 13, 2012

On this episode of Single Again! Now What?, Joanie, Lesley & Steve download their thoughts on the recent elections.  (We're all glad to have the commercials off the air.)

Lesley was tied up in traffic and does the entire show from her cell, leading to a discussion about traffic gridlock and transportation in major cities.

Our conversation somehow turns the corner to Childbirth Lane as we reminisce about having our first child and the different birthing methods available.  And we all know that Lesley is single, so why is someone telling her she's going to be pregnant in the coming year??  And you can't talk about childbirth these days without having the fear that you child may be the one in eighty children born with autism.  How could this be happening and what's to blame for this?

We end the show on a high note as we talk about the legalization of marijuana in two states this past election.  So grab some munchies and join us for the fun.  Also, for more information on our show and hosts, (including the tree picture Lesley mentions during the show), stop by our fan page at: