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Dec 30, 2016

(Listener Note: This is Episode #12 of this twelve-part series. To take full advantage of this please visit our show archive and listen to the episodes in their proper order.)

Today’s show is the final and most exciting as we explore the unlimited possibility life offers when we intentionally create each step of our journey with a willingness and desire to engage fully utilizing all our gifts, talents, skills and passion.  With each completed effort we joyfully surrender the outcome, having faith that whatever it is, it is the perfect and only next step for us.  Upon that outcome being either in-line with our desired goal or different, we assess, integrate what we have learned, recalibrate our plans and re-engage.

This is the practice of SESI.  SET your intention, ENGAGE 100%, SURRENDER the outcome, INTEGRATE your experience and lessons and begin again.  We expect the unexpected.  We are comfortable with change.  We embrace all learning opportunities.  We are fully alive, fully engaged and fully responsible. No worries.  No regrets.  Only the present moment and the belief in ourselves and in unlimited possibility.

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