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Dec 13, 2012

Happy Holidays from the Single Again! Now What? posse!

On this episode, Joanie, Lesley and Steve talk about custody issues divorced couples face during the holidays.  Lesley's ex is choosing to be out of state and away from his son for Christmas in order to spend time with a new love interest.  Steve and Joanie have strong feelings about this, but Lesley is taking the high road and doing what's in the best interest of her son.

This is the first show recorded from the new DSR studio, as Steve has recently moved and took the studio with him.  Since Steve left everything to his wife after their divorce three years ago and has been living in a furnished place since, this entailed buying EVERYTHING new for the new place, an exhausting and expensive task that many find themselves doing after leaving a marriage and starting over.

The conversation turns to e-Dating services and the trio share their experiences with this.  Joanie has been there, done that, Steve is just checking it out, and Lesley is far too busy to consider it at this time.  So can true love really be found on-line?  Stay tuned.

Finally, the gang talk about how the kids of someone you're dating can drive a wedge between your relationship.  So what would you do if someone you were dating had kids that were rude and disrespectful of you?  The girls pitch in with their thoughts.

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