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Sep 15, 2014


On this episode of Being Single, Travel and Divorce Coach Julie Morey join us to talk about the healing powers of traveling after divorce… even if you’re alone.


The world is our playground.  It is waiting for us to come and play.  There is so much to see and do out there and I KNOW how life changing travel can...

Jul 25, 2014

Today on Being Single with Steve Peck and Toni Morales, Yakov Smirnoff joins us to talk about his new comedy show, the Happily After Laughter Tour and explains how  laughter can effect relationships in a powerful way.


A mainstay in the entertainment scene since the late 1970's, Smirnoff was a regular guest star on the...

Jul 10, 2014


What do you do when the life you’re living no longer fits on the foundation where it’s settled?  How do you access the strength to make a dramatic shift that will rock your whole world?  When you’ve had enough, how do you get to what’s next?


In this episode of Being Single with Steve Peck and Toni Morales,

Jul 5, 2014


Welcome to another episode of Being Single with Steve Peck and Toni Morales!

So straight up, this is a strange show.  Toni had been in a horrible mood the week before and even cancelled a show and lost a guest Steve had been wanting to bring on-air for a year.  Let’s just say Steve’s frustration shows through...

Jun 23, 2014

As Steve and Toni spread their terrestial radio wings, we present their radio demo program with the "best of" their last two shows.

All of Being Single Shows are available in their entirity at

If your're a fan or radio station considering Being Single, we thank you for...