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Preparing For Your Divorce Trial

Preparing for a divorce trial is somewhat like staging a dramatic play but with you and your spouse as the reluctant stars.  The witnesses who take the stand are your supporting or not so supporting actors.

A divorce Trial should be your last resort after attempts of mediation or alternate dispute resolution have failed. 

Attorney and family law expert, Henry Gornbein, explains the necessary steps of preparing yourself for a successful divorce trial.  If your divorce is headed towards a trial, this is the program you need to hear.

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How Psychologists and Attorneys Work Together in High Conflict Child Custody Cases

How do lawyers and psychologists work together when child custody is an issue and in a divorce with a high level of conflict?

Psychologist Dr. Larry Friedberg and attorney Henry Gornbein are guests and discuss:

Counseling for high conflict couples for the sake of the children. -  How to set up a communications protocol with high conflict couples. - Does the conflict end after re-marriage? - Learn how to not re-marry the same type of person you are divorcing. - Is taking your children to counseling a good or bad idea? - How to stay away from “shark” attorneys who want to litigate and save money and relationships by pre-packaging your divorce. - Create a plan for an amicable divorce.  www.DivorceSourceRadio.com

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Co-Parenting Peacefully for Your Children

If you’ve decided to separate or get a divorce and have children, your next important decision should be about co-parenting.  Divorce may be the end of a marriage, but it is not the end of the family.  People who separate but continue to work cooperatively as parents give their children the best chances for a smooth adjustment to living in two separate households and continued growth.

Psychologist, Dr. Larry Friedberg shows us ways to communicate with your ex without hostility for the good of your children. Learn how to:

  • Be respectful of your ex spouse.
  • Resolve conflicts and discuss major issues privately, not in front of the children.
  • Not confide, complain or grumble about your ex to your kids – you need family, friends or a therapist for that role.
  • Not use our kids as messengers between you and the other parent.
  • Assure our kids that both parents will listen to feelings and address needs cooperatively.

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Divorce with Less Stress - Alternate Dispute Resolution

Divorce is a complex and traumatic experience for most people.  The so called “simple” divorce is all too rare.

Although most divorces don’t end up in a trial, there are alternatives to an acrimonious and combative divorce.

On this program, we take a look at ways to get you through the divorce process with less stress and come out the other side with less animosity towards your ex. 

Attorney, Henry Gornbein, discusses Alternate Dispute Resolution.  Learn how Facilitative Mediation and Collaborative Law can be a viable option to a traditional divorce and help couples retain control over their lives.  

If children are involved, keeping a harmonious relationship after divorce should be one of primary concerns and ADR offers a means of maintaining an amicable relationship with your ex as opposed to doing battle and growing further apart  during a litigious traditional divorce.

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