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Child Custody Evaluations

The primary purpose and main focus of the custody evaluation is to determine what is in the best interests of the child.  A competent assessment will include a skilled clinical interview and history of the family dynamics.

Generally one parent doesn’t win and the other parent lose custody.  Rather, each parent's role with the children may be outlined, and as a result, one may get to spend more time or less time with the children.

Dr. Larry Friedberg is our guest and he explains the custody evaluation process during this program.  www.DivorceSourceRadio.com 

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Mediation State-to-State / So-Cal vs. Michigan

In a past program, we explored how mediation and collaborative law are helping divorcing couples maintain control over their lives as opposed to going to trial, where a stranger will make decisions for you.In this program, we’ll show you how mediation and collaborative law can differ from state to state.  Divorce Source Radio Legal correspondent, Henry Gornbein and I had the chance to speak with Southern California attorney, Sondra BenNaEim to discuss the difference between mediation in Michigan  and California.In the program, you’ll learn more about the process of mediation and how it can reduce stress and conflict during your divorce. We’ll discuss how the economy is affecting divorce, and you’ll learn why it is beneficial for both parties to consider mediation and collaborative law over a traditional trial.www.So-Cal-Attorney.com

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Moving On With Your New Life After Divorce

When your divorce is completed, it will be time to pick up the pieces and move on with your life.  This program features advice on rebuilding your life from one of the nation’s leading psychologists, Dr. Larry Friedberg. This program will delve into all aspects of starting your new life including:
- Moving into your new home or apartment
- How to spend quality time with your children and prepare them for their new living arrangements
- The concerns of providing for two households on half the income
- Learn why you shouldn’t hang on to your anger and be a martyr to your marriage

And as for moving on with new relationships, we’ll discuss:
- Why it might be a good idea to rediscover yourself before entering into a new relationship
- Learn how to not marry the same type of person you just divorced
- How not to fantasize that your new relationship will be perfect
- Recognize that you still may feel unhappy after becoming involved in a new relationship because you haven't properly dealt with the grief of your divorce
Remember, divorce affects your kids, too, regardless of their age. We’ll discuss ways of helping them understand your divorce, and we’ll show you how to introduce your new love interest to your kids.


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