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Understanding the Friend of The Court

The Friend of The Court enforces court orders pertaining to custody, parenting time and child support.

In this program, we speak with Friend of The Court referee, Mark Sherbow to give you a better idea of the inner workings of the Friend of The Court system as it relates to divorce and child custody issues.

Topics in this program include:

- The role of a referee and how they work hand in hand with the judge to oversee your case.

- How Child Support Orders are reviewed and how referee's mediate child support petitions

- How a hearing works with a friend of the court referee

- What to do if you are paying child support and you lose your job

-  How hearing days work

- Key issues regarding custody and parenting time disputes

- How to prepare for your meeting with the friend of the court referee

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Insight From a Family Court Judge

Attorney Henry Gornbein and I interview  Judge James Alexander, a family court judge in Michigan, who helps us understand the court process as it relates to divorce and child custody issues.

Topics covered in this program include:

·         What types of cases a Family Court handles

·         How to prepare yourself for motions and/or your trial

·         Making sure your lawyer knows your case and is prepared to tell the judge exactly what you want

·         Identify if your attorney is a problem solver or a problem creator

·         You'll get a feel for a judge's case load and realize that you'll only have a few minutes to state your case on motion day.

·         And finally, well take an in-depth look at the misuse of Personal Protection Orders related to divorce cases.

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