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Divorce Source Radio celebrates its 1st Anniversary with guests, attorney Henry Gornbein and psychologist Dr. Larry Friedberg.

The show looks back on the past year and discusses:

  • How psychologists and attorneys can work together to assist couples in divorcing more peacefully
  • Henry's thoughts on why it's in your best interest to consider mediation vs. the more confrontational path of litigation
  • Why it's important to consider your children first when planning to divorce
  • The role parental alienation plays during and after divorce

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In this conversation with attorney, Henry Gornbein, we discuss what lessons can be learned from your divorce so that future relationships and possible remarriage will be more successfull for you and your children.

Topics in the program include:

  • What the difference is between a first and second marriage
  • How responsibilities from your past marriage and divorce can negatively impact a new relationship
  • What's in the best interest of your children when considering a new relationship
  • Why it's important to learn more about what went wrong in your last marriage prior to entering into a new relationship
  • How some people bring  anger from their divorce into a new relationship and what to do to prevent this from happening
  • Ways to protect yourself financially if you decide to remarry again

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In episode #13 of "Ask Henry", a listener wonders if it is proper to introduce your children to a new love interest during your divorce or should you put this off.  If one partner is seeing another person and having their children over to the love interests home, is there anything that can be done to stop this from happening.

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Divorce Source Radio Host, Steve Peck, provides an audio blog of upcoming shows, resources and personal thoughts in this personal blog podcast.

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Episode #12 of "Ask Henry" features the question "What role does retirement play in my alimony payments?

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In this conversation with Psychologist, Dr. Larry Friedberg, we discuss the trials and tribulations of getting your life back on track after divorce.

It's not easy starting a new life again.  In this program, we'll explore the Feelings, Hurt, Fear, Guilt and Betrayal, associated with divorce.  We address Parental Alienation issues, due in part, to a partner's own personal abandonment issues they faced as a child.  We'll also be discussing Parenting Issues such as How to Parent Your Child During Divorce.

And Finally, I ask Dr. Friedberg the ultimate question... What is Love? 

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