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In this episode, we address men who suffer depression and suicidal thoughts as a result of their inability to handle their divorce and not being able to see their children as much as they would like.

Our guest is Barry Guidera, General Manager of the Australian based Dads in Distress and we'll discuss how their organization reaches out and provides support for hurting fathers.  We'll also play an actual distress call from a suicidal father that was having a hard time dealing with his situation and you'll hear how Dads in Distress founder Tony Miller handled the situation.

If you are hurting and feeling depressed as a result of your current divorce situation, you'll learn that you're not alone and discover the urgent need to seek guidance and support to help get you through your tough time.

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Lee Rosen - Unethical Business Practices?  You Decide.

In this episode of The Pecking Order on Divorce Source Radio, we'll discuss the unethical business practices of North Carolina Family Law Attorney, Lee Rosen.

Lee has improperly attached the Divorce Source Radio name to his own little podcast as a means of sucking our listeners to his podcast and to grow his family law practice.

Welcome Attorney Lee Rosen to our Hall of Shame!

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Recently, we've been hearing a lot about celebrities in conflict with their wives or significant others.  Just when you thought the Charlie Sheen, Jesse James and Tiger Woods cases were little extreme, then comes Mel Gibson, and he trumps them all.

Mel is not alone with his over-the-top behavior, as unfortunately far too many men and women have been brought to unthinkable levels of insane behavior during a break-up.

In this program, psychologist Dr. Larry Friedberg, family law attorney Henry Gornbein and I discuss the Mel Gibson saga from a legal and emotional perspective.  If any of you can hear some of your past behavior in Mel GIbson's rant, this show will provide some perspective on why you might have acted this way.

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Far too many divorcing couples get so caught up in the anger and drama of divorce that they forget what matters most...Our Kids!

Author and creator or the The Child Centered Divorce, Rosalind Sedacca, joins us and shares valuable insight on how to break the news to our children that mom and dad will no longer be living together.

One of the most difficult things to do after deciding you are getting a divorce is telling your children.  Rosalind's book, How Do I Tell The Kids about the Divorce? - A Create-A-Story Book Guide for Preparing Your Children - with Love!, addresses this issue in a unique way. 

 By adopting the principles outlined in The Child Centered Divorce, families stand a greater chance of raising healthy children and reducing future co-parenting problems by divorcing with dignity.  If you  are planning to divorce and haven't yet told your kids, this is a program you need to hear.

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"Ask Henry" Episode #14 asks the question: How do we divide real estate as part of our divorce during this down economy?

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