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In episode #16 of "Ask Henry" Henry Answers the following listener questions:

Mark from Chicago

Why do they have marital status on job application forms and do you have to check divorced if you are?

Sean from San Antonio

I've heard you should keep your divorce decree and that you may be asked for them to purchase a new car, home, life insurance issues and more. Is this true?

Jennifer from San Francisco

Can I change my mind about divorcing my spouse after I filed papers?

Laura from Jew Jersey

Can I change my restore my maiden name as part of or after the divorce the divorce?

Robert from Indianapolis

You did a show on The Divorce Than Never Ends. How do we keep ourselves mentally healthy during this process?  What specific advice can you provide on how not to let the constant attacks affect us as much?

Tom from Detroit

I'm a laid off auto worker and haven't worked for over a year.  My ex and I were married eighteen years and we don't have any kids.  It's not like I haven't been looking for a job, I have. Now my wife is taking me to court for spousal support I owe her according to the judge's orders.  My question is, how can I be expected to pay what I don't have? 


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The Pecking Order, with Divorce Source Radio host Steve Peck, presents issues, events, past and future shows and is Steve's place to download his thoughts regarding divorce and life thereafter.

In this episode, Steve discusses the new Divorce Source Radio Facebook page and takes on the role of disc jockey as he plays songs that center around relationships and divorce with the thought of helping listeners connect with their true feelings.

Enjoy the music and look forward to a positive future!

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Most people manage to get through a divorce and move on with their lives even though they may still have feelings of anger and hurt.

Then there's the individual who's anger and hurt has gotten the best of them and even though they are divorced, they feel the need to continually hurt their ex by talking down about them to others, or filing more legal motions long after the divorce and carrying their anger and hurt with them on a daily basis.  This type of personal is typically dealing with abandonment issues or a personality disorder that prevents them from moving on with their life. 

An if this personality type has children, their failing to see the damage they creating in their life  - because all they can focus on is themselves and the perceived injustice that was done to them that led to their divorce.  A healthy person realizes no one person is completely responsible for the failure in a marriage.

In today's with conversation with attorney Henry Gornbein, we'll take a look at the type of person who is unwilling to let go of past anger and through their actions, keeps their divorce alive forever.  We also provide tips on how to recognize the signs of this type of behavior and if you find yourself acting in this manner, we'll offer advice on how to turn your life around for the sake of you and your children.

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