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Our guest, Emily Brown, is Director of Key Bridge Therapy & Mediation Center in Arlington, VA. (http://www.affairs-help.com/); works with couples, individuals, and families regarding the underlying issues in marriage, divorce, and betrayal. An extramarital affair is one of the most painful experiences that couples face, and one of the greatest challenges for helping professionals. Whether you are seeking assistance in your personal life or you are professional seeking information to better help clients, this is the show that provides the wisdom and guidance so many need.  Emily is the author of Patterns of Infidelity and Their Treatment, and Affairs: A Guide to Working Through the Repercussions of Infidelity, and numerous articles on affairs. 

Topics in this program include:

  • An in-depth look at the 6 different Affairs
  • How to rescue a marriage if there has been an Affair
  • Affair recovery: the process and insight
  • Debunking the myths and misconceptions about Affairs
  • Rebuilding trust
  • How to talk to your children about the Affair


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Divorced mother of three Delaine Moore is an author, NLP Practitioner, speaker, and Licensed Mars Venus Life Coach, who specializes in divorce, dating, relationships and gender differences.  Since her own divorce in 2007, she has inspired thousands of divorced women to grab the next chapter of their lives by the horn and pursue passion on their own terms on her website, I Am Divorced Not Dead.  Her memoir, A Woman’s Body Never Lies – which chronicles her wild, yet profound, ‘body-driven’ awakenings in the first after her divorce, was recently purchased by the feminist publisher, Seal Press, and is slated for release in Spring 2012.  dwol.com - Divorced Women online

Topics in the program include:

  • When is the right time to begin dating after divorce?
  • How not to make the same mistakes when seeking a new mate
  • Internet dating services, are they a good idea?
  • When to introduce your date to your children?
  • key ingredients of a "keeper"
  • Sex after divorce
  • And much more


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For all of the divorces files every year, there are at least as many if not more who contemplate getting a divorce.

Facing such a big decision can be daunting. Feelings of sadness, guilt, fear and anger are normal now, especially if your spouse is unaware of the extent of your unhappiness or you feel unsupported. You are not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of people feeling stuck in matrimonial confusion. No matter how difficult the circumstances you face, there is a solution.

In this program, Susan Pease Gadoua, author of Contemplating Divorce, A Step-byStep Guide to Deciding Whether to Stay or Go, addresses the issues individuals face as they decide to work through their marriage issues or file for divorce.

Topics in the program Include:

  • Understanding that you are not alone in the process of contemplating divorce
  • How to manage your emotions during this difficult time
  • Gain a better understanding of what your curret relationship is
  • Learn helpful tools for working on your marriage should you choose to stay married
  • How to take action  on staying or leaving and learning to be at peace with your decision


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Divorce is a stressful and unsettling situation. Over 50% of first marriages end in divorce, and the number increases to 67% for second marriages.

Renowned  psychologist, Dr. Larry Friedberg, is interviewed and we learn: How Communication Breaks Down in Relationships, How to Work Through your Divorce with Less Stress, How to Protect Your Children from Personal Arguments With Your Spouse and we discuss Controlling Personalities.

This program has been the most downloaded program on Divorce Source Radio since first airing in July of 2009 and is helping tens of thousands of individual get over their divorce and move on with their lives.  This is a "Must Hear" program for anyone going through a divorce.

For more information on Dr. Larry Friedberg, visit www.DrLarryFriedberg.com.  For more programs and information on our show, visit www.DivorceSourceRadio.com or email us at DivorceSourceRadio@gmail.com

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Our guest, Jeffery Landers advocates for women. Jeff is a Divorce Financial Strategist and the founder of Bedrock Divorce Advisors, LLC, a divorce financial strategy firm that exclusively works with women, who are going through, or might be going through, a financially complicated divorce.  Jeff reviews the Top 6 Serious Financial Mistakes Women Make.  But, men can learn some valuable lessons here as well.  Jeff advises “put your emotions on the side and think financially.”

Topics in this program include:

·         The top 6 serious financial mistakes made during divorce

·         The important steps to organize your finances and maintain control

·         Preparing for your financial future

·         Financial considerations to ensure long term financial stability

·         How to avoid divorce settlement mistakes

·         Divorce proofing your business

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In this episode, attorney Henry Gornbein and psychologist Dr. Larry Friedberg discuss what Henry perceives as a change for the worse with some attorneys practicing Family Law these days.

Topics in the program include:

  • Has the level of professionalism amongst lawyers decreased over the years?
  • Are attorneys part of the problem by ramping up their clients emotions during their divorce?
  • Could a psychologist's child custody evaluation be swayed to meet the needs of the hiring attorney to bolster his case?
  • And much more
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Stacy D. Phillips, is a celebrity divorce lawyer extraordinaire.  She is the author of the best-selling book Divorce: It's All About Control - How to Win the Emotional, Psychological and Legal Wars (http://www.controlyourdivorce.com); a certified family law specialist, and founder and the managing partner of Phillips Lerner & Lauzon LLP (http://www.plljlaw.com/Bio/StacyPhillips.asp).  In this exclusive interview Stacy offers advice on how to cope with losing control and avoid common divorce battles.

Topics in this program include:

  • An overview of the anatomy of control
  • Managing and coping with control
  • Dealing with the emotional, psychological and legal wars
  • What’s a good client; and working more effectively with your lawyer
  • The major divorce considerations and what to think about

Fighting just to win, is it worth it?

How to deal with an inflexible ex

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Imagine being accused or hurting your wife or beautiful children when you know you hadn't done anything.  Before you have a chance to tell your side of the story to a judge, your taken away in handcuffs and thrown in jail and now you are forced o pay tens of thousands of dollars to prove your innocence.  And if you think this only happened to men, think again.  Women are falsely accused as well and many times their lives are ruined forever because of an angry spouse or ex's wiliness to hurt you and take your children away from you forever.

No normal thinking person would approve of domestic violence or child abuse, but more times than you might imagine, during a high conflict divorce case, an angry spouse or ex may falsely accuse  their partner of just such abuse as a way to get even.  And although our criminal system is supposedly based on innocent until proven guilty, just the opposite is true for those falsely accused of domestic violence or child abuse.

Our guest is Dean Tong, a nationally known forensic trial consultant and Expert witness. He's appeared on national television and radio programs and is the author of Elusive Innocence.  Dean spends his time protecting the falsely accused and is here today to help us better understand why  someone might falsely accuse another of a crime they didn't commit and provide tips on how we might protect ourselves from this happening to us. 

Topics discussed include:

  • How Dean works with your attorney to clear your name of false charges
  • What to do if a Personal Protection Order is filed against you
  • How to fight back against false charges
  • What to do if you have been accused of child abuse
  • And much more




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Positive. Life-enhancing. Enlightening. Compassionate. These words are seldom associated with divorce. Words that typically come to mind are: Painful. Agonizing. Resentful. Bitter.  Our guest, domestic relations judge and best-selling author Judge Michele Lowrance enlightens listeners how people can attain a positive outlook, achieve forgiveness, and move on with a mended soul (http://thegoodkarmadivorce.com/).  Judge Lowrance has learned that there's a better way to handle divorce. So she came up with a plan to turn the negatives of divorce into positives. She explains the program in her book, The Good Karma Divorce: Avoid Litigation, Turn Negative Emotions into Positive Actions, and Get On with the Rest of Your Life.

Topics in this program include:

  • On court: An understanding what the court system can and cannot do – it can’t rescue you, but perhaps it can encourage forgiveness.
  • On children: Ordinary parenting is not enough; parents need to adopt wisdom building skills for heroic parenting. Justice Lowrance asks:  "What is more important for you to be right, or for your children to be happy?"
  • On forgiveness: In the beginning, you won't be ready to forgive. At this stage it is fine to let your emotions steep and give them room to breathe. Treat them like a flu that has to run its course. There is a necessary gestation period between anger and forgiveness.
  • Creating your soul searching party: developing your Personal Manifesto
  • The crucial things you have to know about having the “divorce conversation” with your soon to be former partner. 
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Divorce Source has grown immensely over the past year and a half.  Tens of thousands of listeners from all over the world are turning to our podcasts for help and support during one of the most difficult times in their life; their divorce.

In this episode of The Pecking Order, Steve Peck reaches out to the Divorce Source Radio community and explores the possibility of taking DSR to the next level, allowing us to help even more people.  Steve is looking first to the DSR community to see if there are any listeners that have the means to help grow DSR.  Have you had experience building an internet business similar to DSR or are you an experienced media sales person who understands New Media and might have ideas regarding appropriate sponsors for DSR?  Perhaps you are a radio programmer and might have advice on syndicating our program to local stations.

Or maybe you're a listener who believes in what we're doing and would be willing to promote DSR through word of mouth and through your Facebook and Twitter account, that would be helpful too.  Whatever the case, Steve is looking for partners to help grow this radio program that helps so many people.


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