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Our guest, Hanna McDonough, is Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Psychotherapist (www.hannatherapy.com).  Ms. McDonough shares her wisdom on finding the best in yourself, and delves into relationships and what’s important – is it sex, money?  And, what are the differences between men and women and they way each values a relationship. We explore the gamut in topics and - learn about living your life as an exclamation, not an explanation.

Topics in this program include:

  • The value of a therapist: how to find a good therapist, when to stay and when to go
  • Understanding a verbally abusive relationship
  • Exploring transformative therapy
  • How to keep your marriage HOT
  • Putting children first
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Have you ever listened to the Negative Mind Chatter that goes on in your head during the course of your divorce?  Thoughts like "You aren't good enough", and fearful inner voices chattering "You'll be alone for the rest of your life".

Negative mind chatter can be rooted from our childhood.  During extreme stress, such as going through a divorce, our emotions have the ability to resurface with feelings of insecurity or not being "good enough", only now this negative self chatter is amplified.

In this epidsode of Divorce Recovery with Shelley Stile, Divorce Recovery/Life Coach Shelley Stile shows us ways to turn off the negative self talk and train ourselves to focus on building a positive fantastic future.

Contact Info for Shelley Stile: www.LifeAfterYourDivorce.com

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Originally broadcast on October 8, 2009, Surviving Divorce with Dr. Larry Friedberg explores the five stages of anger and grief as it relates to a divorce. The five stages of divorce are: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression/Pain, Acceptance/Recovery.

It’s harder to get over a divorce than the death of a loved one.  Learn ways to cope with your hurt, anger and pain and discover how to come out the other side of divorce a healthy and happy person.

This is a “Must Hear” program for anyone experiencing the emotional pain of divorce.  For more information, visit www.DivorceSourceRadio.com.

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Our guest, Emily Brown, is Director of Key Bridge Therapy & Mediation Center in Arlington, VA. (http://www.affairs-help.com/) works with couples, individuals, and families regarding the underlying issues in marriage, divorce, and betrayal. Battles over custody and related issues that are fueled by a personality disordered spouse can be the most frustrating of all wars.  The judges regularly get conned by the personality disordered spouse who makes nice in front of the judge; the other spouse who is angry and upset appears to be the problem.  Emily has worked with a number of these cases, trying to extricate the victimized spouse – and overcoming the frustration which many experience.  Tough cases, but she likes the challenge.

Topics in this program include:

  • ·         Insight into personality disorder
  • ·         How to deal with a persistent blamer, and managing within the legal system
  • ·         How to help children when their parent is personality disordered
  • ·         Finding the help you need to cope
  • ·         The purpose of child custody evaluations with a personality disordered ex spouse. 
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Divorce Coach, Shelley Stile discusses the grieving process during this episode.

The hardest part of a loss is learning to accept this new reality and operate within the new geography. Nonetheless, it can and must be done. Once we have achieved a sense of closure, we can move forward. In every ending there is a new beginning but first we must accept the ending.

The loss involved in a divorce is as painful as a death. In many ways it is a death of an entire way of life. But what we need to know is this: it is not so much what happens to us in life, rather it is how we handle what happens to us that is important.

In this program, Shelley coaches us through:

  • The Stages of Grieving
  • How to Overcome Your Divorce and Create a Bright Future
  • Dealing with Anger and Negative Emotions
  • The Signs of Depression after Divorce
  • Positive Parenting for the Sake of the Kids
  • And much more

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The Intelligent Divorce lays out a blueprint that can teach you how to handle your divorce with grace, strength and wisdom. Based on hundreds of case studies and a decades of experience, it is designed with the health of your children in mind.

Our guest is the author of The Intelligent Divorce, Dr Mark R. Banschick,  a diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology with over 20 years of experience in child and adolescent psychiatry.

Topics  Addressed Include:

  • How to parent better during turbulent times
  • What type of feeling are your children going through
  • What are the signs to look for that your child isn't handling the divorce that well.
  • What type of behavior to expect from your child
  • How divorcing couples in conflict can come together to form a United Front for the sake of their children.
  • How to maintain open communication between your children
  • and much more.
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Our guest, Elaine Cole, is Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, with a Master’s in Psychology, is passionate about helping Grandparents offer their hope, care, wisdom and unconditional positive regard to their grandchildren, especially during a family’s divorce.  (www.GreenMarriages.com). Become The Happiest Grandparents On The Block.  Ms. Cole advises “The worse thing I can say to Grandparents is the truth about their warring progeny. It is what it is.  You have next to no control over your child or the X.  So, this is my unheard plea:  Help our grandchildren navigate the turbulent waters of a family’s divorce” She believes this is a grandparent’s duty and their legacy to future generations. 

Topics in this program include:

  • How to be a Smart Grandparent
  • How grandparents can stay involved during their adult child’s divorce
  • Managing difficult conversations with grandchildren
  • Managing difficult conversations with adult children
  • Getting your chocolate hugs and kisses
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Kelly Morrisey has created a connection with people from around the world with her creation of A Better Life After Divorce.com.  (www.aBetterLifeAfterDivorce.com)

Kelly provides international divorce recovery and personal growth strategies, tools and resources and has uplifted and enlightened many of those experiencing the trauma and crisis of divorce.

People from all over the world schedule private tele-sessions with Kelly Morrisey and seek her counsel. She holds tele-seminars revolving around the areas of divorce recovery, personal growth and building a strong loving relationship.

Kelly Morrisey is respected and endorsed by many of the top experts in the personal development and relationship field such as Bob Proctor (The Secret), Tony Robbins, Denis Waitley, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Marianne Williamson.

In this conversation with Kelly we discuss:

  •  Is it possible to have a better life after divorce
  • How to recover from divorce
  • Importance of keeping your kids out of your personal business related to your divorce
  • The effect of divorce on your children regardless of their age
  • Why individuals cheat on their spouse and how to get your needs met at home
  • Loosing trust after discovering an affair
  • How men process divorce differently than women
  • The process of moving on, forgiving and beginning a better life
  • Dating after divorce
  • And Much more...


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Our guest, William A. (“Bill”) Eddy is an attorney, therapist and mediator, and the President of the High Conflict Institute based in Scottsdale, Arizona.  (http://www.highconflictinstitute.com/).  Bill helps us understand what personality disorder is and how to get along with someone who is narcissistic, has a border line personality disorder, or is a persistent blamer.  They aren’t just difficult people, they're the most difficult people. They file lawsuits, file complaints against professional licenses, gather negative advocates to support their position, cost employers lots of time & money, disrupt & distract, find a target of blame, and convince everyone that its never their fault!

Topics in this program include:

  • What is a personality disorder
  • Understanding the High Conflict Personality Pattern
  • Dealing with the personality disordered spouse
  • Understanding the damage of parent alienation
  • Managing through the legal process with a personality disordered spouse
  • How personality disorder drives family court litigation
  • And, so much more………
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