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Sex addiction is a problem that is sweeping the nation and one of the leading causes of marital conflict and divorce.

Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, Dr. Kenneth Adams, is our guest and discusses what we can do to recognize this behavior and what we need to do to seek help.

Topics in The Program Include:

  • Could you or your spouse be a sex addict?
  • What causes someone to become addicted to sex?
  • How sex addiction affects relationships
  • What to do if you are the partner of a sex addict
  • The clues to look for that might indicate that you or your spouse are a sex addict
  • Available treatment options and much more.
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Everyone's talking about the Schwarzenegger divorce.  After twenty five years, Aronol and Maria Shriver have separated and appear to be heading towards divorce.

After leaving office as Governor of California, news broke that Arnold has another child from an anfair with one of his staff members.  And now as each day passes, we learn more about other alleged affairs Arnold may have had.

Affairs have played a roll in many divorces, so what can we learn from the Terminator's case?  In this program, attorney Henry Gornbein provides his thoughts on this widely popular affair.

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Award winning writer/producer Arlene Sarner has written for every major movie studio including. Arlene is a talented and engaging writer who shares her story about forgiveness, personal transformation and moving on.  Arlene shares her very powerful story of turning years of acrimony and hostility towards her ex husband, into a now peaceful and civil relationship and says” So don't lose hope--even the most rancorous relationships with exes can eventually shift into civility” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/arlene-sarner/an-ex-passover-guest_b_852318.html?ref=tw

Topics in this program include:

• The Lunch with the ex and how it changed everything
• Forgiveness, the power to forgive and letting go
• How letting go of anger changed a family

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The ability to move on after your divorce entails the letting go of the past with its emotional baggage and negative emotions. If you can accomplish this feat then the heavy burdens you have been carrying will lift and you will experience the liberation of freedom: the ability to move unimpeded towards whatever goal you establish for yourself.

Ask yourself: what is the price I am paying in holding onto what no longer exists? What is the cost of being chained to my negative emotions and perspective? Is it costing me my health? My peace of mind? My relationship with my children? My happiness? My optimism and enthusiasm for life? I assure you that the price you pay is very, very high and it is you alone, not your ex, that pays that price.

How would you feel if you were free of all that negative stuff? Would you feel the world contains new possibilities and opportunities for you? Would you feel light? Would your body and heart stop aching? Would you be able to be happy again? Would you have renewed energy? How would freedom feel for you?

Divorce and Life Coach Shelley Stile explains the importance of acceptance and letting go during this episode of Divorce Recovery.  For more information on Shelley Stile, visit her website at www.LifeAfterYourDivorce.com.

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When Beverly Willett was faced with divorce she did something few have tried... challenging the divorce in court.  She wanted desperately to save her marriage and avoid divorce.  Beverly has extensive knowledge about the judicial system, both from her research and personal experience, and is passionate about divorce reform.

Beverly www.beverlywillett.com, is an author and former attorney. Her articles about divorce, marriage and parenting have appeared in many publications, including The New York Times, Newsweek, Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Prevention, Salon.com, Parenting and The Daily Beast. She’s a regular contributor to The Huffington Post Divorce page, a former Contributing Editor to Chicken Soup for the Soul Magazine, and a long-time advisor to Parentalwisdom.com. For the past year, she has been consulting with groups and individuals about divorce reform on a pro bono basis. She is the chair of the advisory committee for the Coalition for Divorce Reform. (http://www.divorcereform.info/)

Topics in this program include:

• The Impossible Dream: The Fight to Save Beverly’s Marriage
• Giving up on your career for your children
• The differences and flaws between No Fault vs. Fault Divorce
• When mom’s break up: Coping with the loss of friendships post divorce
• How the Coalition for Divorce Reform is making a difference.

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Is it possible to remain happy as you face one of the most challenging times in your life? 

Our guest, Susan Pease Gadoua is the founder and Executive Director of the Transition Institute of Marin, specializing in meeting the needs of separating and divorcing men and women. We explore the importance of understanding your own needs, how to find your happiness, and the meaning of loving yourself.  It’s an enlightening and engaging conversation, tune in to learn how to find the power of happiness.

Topics in this program include:

  • The meaning of happiness
  • What it means to love yourself, to be open to loving and healthy relationships
  • Preparing yourself emotionally for a great relationship
  • Why people get stuck in relationship traps – and being with the same personality type
  • Avoiding the relationship trap mistakes and downfalls
  • The risk of a rebound relationship
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If you are going through a divorce, chances are you've heard some negative thoughts running through your head.  Am I good enough?  Was this my Fault?  Will I ever find another partner?  Many going through a divorce experience these types of thoughts early on during the grief phase and this is quite normal and understandable.  But If you can't seem to move beyond these thoughts, it's time to explore them and ask yourself are my feelings and interpretations of my situation really true?  More times than not you'll discover these thoughts are not your reality but rather the meaning you have attached to them.

In this episode of Divorce Recovery, Shelley Stile shows us how to sort fact from fiction and helps us to see the truth.  By doing this, we empower ourselves to see the reality or our situation and can begin to let go of negative self talk.  Divorce is an opportunity for personal growth and Shelley provides us with tips to feel better mentally and physically during this tough time and helps us to discover our true reality.

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In this episode of Divorce recovery with Shelley Stile, we explore Unenforceable Expectations as they relate to divorce and life in general.

Expectations or something we expect to go our way, can lead to resentment and disappointment. Our desire to expect everything to go our way can even be a form of self-sabotage.

As an example of Unenforceable Expectations, have you ever:

·     Expected your ex to treat you with kindness and respect?

·     Expected your ex to be fair regarding your financial settlement?

·     Expected you ex to be a wonderful father or mother to your children?

·     Expected the judge and mediator to see things your way?

So why do we expect so much from our ex, family and friends? Is this type of expectation a form of control?

Shelly Stile addresses these questions and explains how to accept the "Nature of Life", you'll have good days and bad. Your Self-imposed impossible expectations are a major source of your inability to let go of the pain of your divorce and move forward. This concept does not just apply to divorce recovery. It applies to all of life.

This program will help you to recognize and deal with any unenforceable expectations you may be having and get you on the path to a healthy mindset.


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In this program we revisit the first step when considering a divorce, selecting the proper attorney for your divorce.

Our guests include renowned Michigan Family Law Attorney and  Divorce Source Radio Legal Correspondent, Henry Gornbein and from Toronto, Deborah Moskovitch, a professional Divorce Consultant and author or The Smart Divorce and host of The Smart Divorce Radio show.

Topics discussed will include:

  • How to go about selecting the proper attorney?
  • Should you hire the first attorney you visit or shop around for an attorney?
  • What to expect in your initial consultation with a prospective attorney
  • Questions to ask a potential attorney
  • Watch for attorneys who bring you in with unreasonable expectations or perpetuate conflict
  • We'll discuss Mediation and Arbitration.  Are they the less confrontational form or divorce?
  • And much more
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