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In this episode of Divorce Recovery with Shelley Stile we discuss the need to change the perspective of your situation which in return caan help alter your attitude in a positive manner.

Fear of our future after divorce keeps us stuck in the pain of the past. This fear prompts our mind chatter to paint a bleak picture of an uncertain future, which in turn creates a disempowering and negative attitude towards life. A negative attitude on life becomes all pervasive and leaves us powerless and depressed. If we stop and think about it, the future is totally unpredictable and unknowable. We simply cannot know what the future holds. Thus it is our perspective about the future that will lay the foundation for what is coming around the bend.

If we want our future to look a certain way then we need to take charge. Uncertainty is always part of the process of taking charge and moving on. Courage to me is living with uncertainty. Our perspective or attitude on life not only changes the way we think but also changes our reality. Our attitudes do shape our future and the attainment of our goals and in this program, Shelley shows you how to make a positive change in the way you see yourself and your future.

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As a specialist in family law for over 40 years, Henry Gornbein  strongly believes that a divorce should be the last resort, not the first resort, and that too many people file for divorce, often for the wrong reasons. The Parental Divorce Reduction Act's purpose is to reduce unnecessary divorce, decrease parental conflict and litigation surrounding a divorce, and educate parents regarding the impact of divorce on families.

As a practitioner with extensive experience over many years specializing in family law, Henry has concerns, because many marriages have an imbalance of power between the parties. Often, one spouse is very controlling, and the other spouse feels powerless While Henry believes there is a lot that is good in the proposed legislation to reform marriage and save as many marriages as possible he discusses his concerns and reservations in this episode.

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If  you find yourself stuck in a state of  blaming your ex for most of the problems in your relationship, this program will help you understand how to take responsibility for your part of what went wrong in your relationship thus allowing you to take back control of your life.

Once you have moved into acceptance of your life, you can concentrate on moving on after divorce. Moving on means connecting with what is now important to you. Moving on means discovering what you truly want from life, what makes you come alive and brings you joy.

This episode of Divorce Recovery with Shelley Stile will help you become empowered, confident and enthusiastic to move on. You will learn to take full responsibility and control of your life and transform it into something wonderful and new.

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Deirdre Dyment is an interior designer who believes in designing an overall experience at home that leaves you spiritually energized and equipped to live your life passionately.  Deirdre knows all too well, there’s much more involved in leaving the matrimonial home than packing a suitcase and signing a lease. When she separated from her husband in 2007, she, unusually, helped him get set up in his new place, from stripping the floors and painting the walls to measuring and ordering furniture. They also got their two kids involved in creating their bedrooms.

The experience has since motivated Dyment to launch a novel service – post-divorce decorating – that assists in feathering the nests of newly single men in particular, whether it’s coordinating their renovations or sourcing and installing art to enliven their empty walls.

Topics in this program include:

• What are the different things can be done to make transition easier and less disruptive for children
• The emotional strain of leaving the family home; where to live, how much to spend and do you rent or purchase.  
• Creating an environment that will inspire and get the individual that has moved excited about the next chapter of their life.  
• Creating a space that reflects your personality and happiness.


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In this episode of Divorce Recovery, Divorce/Life Coach, Shelley Stile teaches us how not to distort the reality of our situation.

When we are living our lives in a state of true awareness wherein we are truly conscious of our actions, we can free ourselves from reactive, self defeating behavior and realize our personal best. Unfortunately, although we may think that we make conscious decisions; in reality our unconscious mind impacts our behavior. Our actions are therefore not truly under our control. We can learn to recognize the unconscious, that part of our mind that has great power over much of our actions without us even being aware of its existence. In doing so, we can diminish its power over us.

When we live on a conscious level, we are as alert to what is happening as a deer in the woods who hears something unknown. We insure that our actions, our decisions, our communications are not influenced by the myriad filters we apply to life. We don’t look through rose colored or black glasses; we choose to look through crystal clear ones that do not distort reality.

In this program we learn how to recognize when we slip into unconsciousness, thereby training ourselves to be more and more conscious of what is really happening. We free ourselves from, doing the same things over and over again. We learn from our heightened sense of awareness. We begin to see things differently, in a much more objective and clear way.

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Our guest, Chris Gersten (http://www.divorcereform.info/), is a former high ranking official in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, serving in both Bush administraions. He was responsible for launching the Federal government's Healthy Marriage Initiative, creating a national organization to reform divorce laws in the U.S. and educate the public about the impact of divorce.

The result is the launch of the Coalition for Divorce Reform, formed in order to increase awareness of the negative impact of divorce, encourage discussion and debate about the effect of divorce on our culture, and support passage of divorce reform legislation. Topics in this program include:

• How the Coalition for Divorce Reform is trying to make a difference
• Why marriage counseling does not work; education and alternatives
• The importance of marriage education and the potential to save marriage
• The importance of a waiting period before filing for divorce
• Understanding relationships, the impact of divorce and so much more

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