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This episode of Beyond Divorce with Susan Pease Gadoua, Discusses the challenge and rewards of co-parenting post divorce.

How co-parenting goes post divorce depends to a large degree on how it was during the marriage: if it was difficult, it may be more difficult post divorce, and if it was good, it may be better. Often, the parenting dynamics are exaggerated so, even though the amount of contact with your ex is less, the intensity of the contact may be greater.

Challenges to overcome include being fearful that the other parent has less regard for the health and safety or your child, disapproving or your ex's parenting style, feeling a sense of competition with your ex and using your children as pawns.

In divorce, there are often feelings of anger, sadness and hurt - co-parenting is no exception. It's important to get adequate emotional support as well as co-parenting education. Learning effective communication styles can be crucial in having a better working experience.

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Part of a divorce is the division of property. The marital home used to be one of a couple’s major assets but due to the current economy, the equity in many homes has been turned upside down leaving couples with little or no equity and in some cases, the couples owe more than their house is worth.

In this "Best of DSR"program featuring attorney Henry Gornbein, we discuss the difference between Real Property and Personal Property; we’ll look at residential and commercial real estate holdings. And if you own a business, you’ll learn how businesses are valued and dealt with during a divorce.

We’ll also discuss how Boats, planes, cars, furnishings, Stock Assets, Pensions, collectibles, and Inheritance come into play when dividing property.

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In the first episode of The Intelligent Divorce, Dr. Mark Banschick, M.D. discusses how to tell your children about divorce.

Truth is a great value, but it is not the only value by which we live. When it comes to kids, their health and well-being trumps everything else. We bring them into the world fresh and innocent. Your children were probably born into an intact family. This is what they know – a solid, caring team who loves them.

Much will change with a divorce. A child is no longer able to be with both of their parents at the same time, under the same roof. Their sense of security can be lessened and they must adapt to a new way of life.

Do you really want to tell them the truth? Should they know that their father had an affair and left their mother (and them)? Do you want them to know about their mother’s alcoholism? I’m not so sure.

There is a lot in life that’s private. Kids need to have their innocence. This means that they need not know everything – explicit details are better left unsaid. In my mind, their mental health trumps truth.

This opinion is not always embraced by parents, particularly a parent who feels wronged or defamed. That parent wants the child to carry the same opinion about the other parent that they carry. Here’s something to remember: your children are not you. They are entitled to their own opinions.

In this program learn the essential Do's and Don'ts when it comes to breaking the news to your children.

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Divorce is an extremely emotional time in our life and under stress, we don't always make the right choices.

The legal system is confusing and frightening and we sometimes let our anger get the best of us creating a battle with our soon to be ex that can last a lifetime and affect the lives of our children and our finances.

In this episode, DSR host Steve Peck, speaks with Divorce Consultant and author of The Smart Divorce, Deborah Moskovitch on how to avoid costly mistakes during divorce.

Listening to this show if you are new to the process of divorce can save you thousands of dollars in legal expenses, the relationship with your children and your sanity. Visit www.DivorceSourceRadio.com for more free resources.

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When a divorce becomes confrontational and spirals out of control, it's known as a high conflict divorce. 

In a high conflict divorce, a war is created that is costly and damaging to the children and the divorcing couples.  In fact the damage they wreak spreads a wide net into their extended families and friends, and sometimes even into the greater community. In the long run this couple pays the price because they may never be able to restore their lives to healthy functioning.

It's best to do everything in your power to avoid entering into a high conflict divorce and in this program, Psychologist, Dr. Larry Friedberg helps us better understand the signs of this type of negative divorce so that we might avoid the pitfalls and costly legal battles. We’ll also discover how poor communication skills and narcissistic personality disorders can fuel the flame of a high conflict divorce.

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In episode #3 of Beyond Divorce, Susan Pease Gadoua discusses Not Missing the Lessons from Past Relationships & How to Not Make the Same Mistakes - Regardless of what went wrong in the marriage or past relationships, YOU were part of the equation.

The "stories" we have about what went wrong in past relationships are revealing as to where our unhealed wounds reside. If you don't work on healing them, they will show up in the next relationship too!

This program will help you better understand and identify patterns that may not have served you in past relationships and suggests how to do your inner work so that you can avoid these behaviors from resurfacing again in future relationships.

  • Learn the three reasons why people are attracted to each other and stay together
  • Learn the three dynamics at work in steering the relation-ship
  • Learn the three steps in breaking unhealthy relationship dynamics
  • Learn better communication skills and how not to shut your partner out
  • And much more
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In episode #2 of Beyond Divorce with Susan Pease Gadoua, we discuss finding a "New Normal" after your divorce.

Settling in with a "New Normal" post divorce can seem impossible but it will eventually happen for those who put the effort into making it happen. The impact of divorce on your life is like throwing a large rock into a pond: there are lots of ripples and it takes a while for things to settle down again.

Topics covered are:

  • Understanding the three main areas of transition people experience during and after divorce
  • Having realistic expectations about how long it should take to find a new normal
  • What you can do if you think you should be feeling better but you're not
  • Staying open to the new normal not being anywhere near what you thought it would be (it's usually better!)
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In this episode of The Smart Divorce, our guest is Boyd Lemon, a retired lawyer, who reinvented himself as a writer, discusses his memoir Digging Deep:  A Writer Uncovers His Marriages.  This memoir is written with brutal honesty about the process of coming to understand himself and the failure of his marriages.  Boyd’s coming of age as a highly paid lawyer provides insight  into the Mad Man like excesses of the seventies. 

Topics in this program include:

  • Mistakes and lessons learned from each marriage and three divorces
  • How the children were affected by each divorce
  • Sex, drink and rock n’ roll – the impact on marriage and divorce
  • The importance of introspection                                                                                                     
  • Exploring the relationships of ex wives
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