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The forgiveness journey – how to make it happen

Our guest, Mark Rye is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Skidmore College. Mark's research interests are in the field of positive psychology. He has studied the impact of forgiveness on post-divorce adjustment and has developed and evaluated interventions designed to help divorced individuals forgive their ex-spouse.  Recently, he has become interested in how forgiveness of an ex-spouse relates to parenting approach.

In this informative and thought provoking interview we discuss what is forgiveness, and how to achieve it – so that angry thoughts do not hold you back from moving on.  We explore how forgiveness is a journey and how your thoughts, feelings and behavior can transform you. 

This is a very powerful and forgiving program! If you have any questions about this topic, please email Mark Rye at mrye@skidmore.edu

More information and resources may also be found at the Fetzer Institute http://www.fetzer.org/resources

  • Topics in this program include:
  • Strategies for letting go of your anger
  • What is forgiveness
  • Understanding the forgiveness journey
  • What does research show about the relationship between forgiveness of an ex-spouse and post-divorce adjustment?
  • Forgiveness interventions
  • What are some of the unique challenges that divorced individuals face with respect to forgiveness?
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In this episode of The Intelligent Divorce with Dr. Mark Banschick, M.D., we look at a less confrontational form of divorce that is gaining in popularity, Collaborative Law.

Our guest is Attorney Rita Pollak, an expert in the field of collaborative law.  Rita has helped designed training programs for other professionals with a desire to provide a  peaceful alternative to the traditional divorce and mediation, and promotes www.CollaborativePractice.com for individuals looking for more information on Collaborative Law.

DIVORCE CAN BE MORE PEACEFUL. "Anyone entering the divorce process owes it to themselves and family to look into seeking a collaborative attorney". - Steve Peck

In the program you'll learn:

  • The benefits of collaborative solutions for marriage dissolution, child custody and co-parenting issues, division of assets, and more.
  • How Collaborative Divorce/Collaborative Practice offers guidance, information, and respectful problem solving.
  • Understand how to better manage the effects of divorce on your children.
  • Locate collaborative legal, financial, and emotional support resources for family and civil disputes.
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Episode #4 of Sex after Divorce with Juliana Neiman helps us to reflect on our past emotional and sexual relationship(s) so that we can discover what role we may have played in the demise of our relationship.

Juliana helps us understand our past with acceptance and shows how to move to a place of forgiveness. And once we've reached a new place of calm and understanding, we can then move on to future healthy relationships. 

Is there a proper time to get back into the dating world? How should you approach future relationships sexually and how to better communicate your needs to your partner as discussed as well.

For more on Juliana Neiman Click Here.

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The dissolution of a marriage is a major life transition that entails having to make some of the toughest decisions of your life at a time when you are least able to.

Not knowing what to do -- and not being able to learn or take in information about these areas of your life that could potentially impact you and your kids for years to come -- means that you have to depend on others for help.

Finding the right professionals early on may be easier said than done, but all you need is one professional you like and trust to get started. You can then ask her for assistance in getting the other team members together. If you're lucky, a divorce network will already exist in your area.

In this episode of Beyond Divorce, Susan Pease Gadoua provides answers to commonly asked questions from people going through divorce.  These answers are provided by the Divorce Dream Team, a group who has come together to provide "one-stop-shopping" resources for women going through divorce.

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In this program, The Smart Divorce radio show with Deborah Moskovitch features Elliott Katz, author of seven nonfiction books. He teaches the principles he shares in his book: Being a Strong Man a Woman Wants

After the end of a relationship, Elliott sought to learn about being a man in a relationship. He found books on marriage and relationships said little to him. He found powerful timeless insights in the lessons that fathers and other older male role models taught younger men. People started seeking his advice and would say, “Why didn’t someone tell me this before?”

Moving beyond the trendy ideas about a man’s role – that just don’t seem to work – Elliott shares insights on being a man that have withstood the test of time. Interestingly, these insights are the traits that he heard many women complain were lacking in men today – showing leadership, making decisions and taking responsibility.

Topics in this program include:

  • Why are women so frustrated with today's men?
  • How does growing up without strong male role models affect men today?
  • The lack of "quality" men is a common complaint from women today. What happened to today’s men?
  • Does today's strong woman today want a strong man?
  • What are the traits of a strong man?

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If you are considering filing for divorce or recently done so, this program is for you!

Attorney, Henry Gornbein, discuss the Top Ten things to Consider Prior to Filing or Just After Filing for Divorce.  Many people during this emotional time in their lives don't slow down enough to think things through and as a result, make mistakes that cost them thousands of dollars and enormous emotional suffering.

Topics in the program include:

  • Seeing a Marriage Counselor First
  • Family Finances to consider
  • Thoughts on Child Custody
  • Understanding the Budget you will require to live your new life
  • Building your Support System
  • And much more
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In this episode of The Intelligent Divorce with Dr. Mark Banschick M.D. we discuss the similarities of a dysfunctional marriage and the dysfunction of our federal government.

Like opposing spouses in a bitter divorce, both parties claim the exclusive ability of knowing the “right thing to do.” After all, they “care” more about those in their charge. Each one also wants to get the better of the other, even if it means maligning or making ugly accusations – and, in the end, getting nowhere.

It is part of being human. But in a healthy relationship, whether a good marriage, a reasonable divorce or a functioning Congress, the conflict usually transforms into a collaborative effort rather than a combative one.

Though power struggles are inevitable, they don’t have to be destructive. Granted, it may be easier to be a single parent or to govern as a single party — but it is almost always better to have two points of view.

Like the children caught between two parents in this unpleasant divorce, the American public is left to wonder and to fear the results of this dysfunctional marriage. They see the posturing and feel anxious, but can do little.

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In the second episode of Sex after Divorce - Reconnecting with our Sexual Selves, sex therapist, Juliana Neiman, explains how our "sexual script" may have played a role in past unhealthy sexual relationships.

In this program, you'll learn how what you were told, taught or experienced early on in your life defined your "sexual script," or, said another way, your feelings toward sex. 

Were you raised to think of sex as something you don't talk about, or something that is natural and healthy?  Did your parents discuss sex with you, or were they the type to not mention it at all?  Did religion play a role in making you feel sex was wrong?  Was your first sexual experience a good or bad one?

All these situations early in life define our sexual scripts, and sometimes, these beliefs and feelings are quite negative and prevent us from living a healthy sexual life. 

In this ten-part series, Juliana will talk about sex and help us understand our sexuality in the context of dealing with the emotional turmoil and aftermath of divorce.  Her insights will help us to understand how we can change and improve our sexual lives for healthier relationships. 

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Have you ever stopped to ponder why the divorce rate has risen so dramatically over the past 50 years? Divorce was a rare event previous to the first world war with a rate of less than one per 1,000 of the yearly number of marriages.

There has been significant progress in divorce reform making it easier and fairer to obtain. Researchers would most likely agree that not only has divorce become more socially acceptable, but divorce laws have also changed to provide a more equitable resolution for many since the late 1960s. The amendment to the Divorce Act to permit the reason for divorce as no-fault (in other words, no-blame divorce) has radically altered the factors influencing the decision to divorce.

In this Program, Divorce Consultant, Deborah Moskovitch discusses the evolution of the divorce rate and it's impact on the family.

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Thousands of kids experience the stress of divorce each year. How they'll react depends on their age, personality, and the particular circumstances of the separation and divorce process.

Every divorce will have an effect on the kids involved — and many times the initial reaction is one of shock, sadness, frustration, anger, or worry. But kids can also come out of it better able to cope with stress, and many become more flexible, tolerant young adults.

In this episode of The Intelligent Divorce with Dr. Mark Banschick, M.D., we'll discuss signs to look for that may indicate your kids are having a problem.  Dr. Banschick breaks down each age group from very young children through their twenties.

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