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In this episode of "Ask Henry" with attorney Henry Gornbein, Henry answers the questions What Does Fault Mean in No-Fault Divorce and Are Prenuptial Agreements a good Idea Prior to Marriage?

If you have a legal question related to family law, "Ask Henry" is your opportunity to get an answer or second opinion.

Write Henry at DivorceSourceRadio@gmail.com or phone your question in to our Listener Line at (248) 686-2256, and your question will be answered in an upcoming show.

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In this episode of The Intelligent Divorce with Mark Banschick, M.D., our topic is Getting Your Kids to Sleep.  This can be a challenging task with many children but during a divorce, the challenge can be even greater.

Our guest is Maureen Healy, founder of Growing Happy Kids, a worldwide organization focused upon fostering happiness in children. She was named a “Creative Activist” by Creative Visions Foundation and authored a “Peace Curriculum” for preschoolers, which is distributed worldwide by The Simha Foundation.

Healy is not new to making a positive impact on children around the world. In 2007, she created a program for Tibetan refugee children in Asia and built child-centered programs around the United States.

Maureen helps parents understand what keeps children up and provides examples of what we can do to provide a better sleep environment that encourages rest and sleep.  If you are experiencing problems getting your kids to sleep, this is the program for you!

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Our guest, Lisa Decker (www.DivorceMoneyMatters.com) who is referred to as Miss Money Matters ® - is the CEO and founder of Divorce Money Matters®. Ms. Decker is an expert in divorce financial matters, and a discreet problem-solver who guides her clients to “Divorce Your Spouse, Not Your Money®.”  She has been interviewed by CNN, Good Morning America, NY Times, Business Week, CreditCards.com, ForbesWomen.com, and Oprah magazine.

The finances of divorce and how they are managed and worked through during the divorce process can significantly impact your post divorce future.  Tune in to understand the most common mistakes and what you can do to avoid them. 

Topics in this program include:

  • How to make decisions based on facts, not emotions
  • How to create a realistic post-divorce budget
  • The impact of joint debts
  • Protecting your income streams
  • Considering the long-term consequences of your choices
  • Developing your dream divorce team
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A monthly update of what's happening in and around DSR from Divorce Source Radio founder, Steve Peck.  This update is for the month of October 2011.

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In the seventh episode of Sex after Divorce with Juliana Neiman, our journey of the "sexual menu" continues as we discuss the taboo of anal sex and sexual fantasies.

Sex therapist Juliana Neiman provides a quick review of what we have learned since our first episode.  The information and advice provided in this series will help you to learn from mistakes made in past relationships, with the goal of entering into a healthier relationship in the future.

After divorce, it's quite normal for some individuals to lose their desire for a new sexual relationship, and you may even experience a fear of becoming sexually involved with someone new, due to your damaged sexual self esteem.  Juliana helps you understand how to address these feelings and move forward.

The program then addresses the taboo topic of anal sex and the creation of sexual fantasies with your partner as a way of broadening your sexual menu.  Juliana helps us remove the sexual roadblocks that may have negatively affected our sexual relationship with our ex and provides insight on how we might open our minds and communicate our needs in healthier ways for future relationships.

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In this episode of "Ask Henry," attorney Henry Gornbein, answers the questions:  Should I move out of our home or stay? and When is The Right Time to Introduce a New Flame to Your Children.

It used to be that keeping a marital home was the best thing to do for the sake of your children and finances, and this property was routinely a bargaining tool when dividing assets.  Today, with the downfall of the economy, many homeowners are "underwater," meaning the owners owe more than the house is worth.  Henry helps us make sense of when staying is the proper thing to do, and when it's best to cut our losses and move on.

The second part of this program is dedicated to when to tell your children that you have a new love interest.  This decision is sometime rushed and not in the best interest of the children.  This is a subject that should be handled with care, and Henry provides his advice on what he feels is in the best interest of the entire family.

If you would like to ask Henry Gornbein a question to be answered on an upcoming show, email:  DivorceSourceRadio@gmail.com, or phone your question in to our listener line, at (248) 686-2256. Your question will be answered on a future program.

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In episode #8 of The Intelligent Divorce with Mark Banschick, M.D., we take a look at the celebration of Halloween.

Halloween can be a great time of fantasy and fun for most, but if you are in the process of divorce, you may be having a hard time enjoying the season that once provided so much enjoyment.

In this program, Dr. Banschick takes a look at what should be, and could be, a time of enjoyment and fun.  Dr. Mark helps you understand the natural grieving process that could be stealing your joy and helps you to redefine this once happy holiday.

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Our guest, Matt Hamel (http://www.virginiadivorceattorney.com/bio/matthew-r-hamel.cfm) is a family law lawyer who understands military divorce.  With legal skills forged in the crucible of the Military Justice System, Matt is an unyielding advocate for military wives, female service members and the children of military families.

Recognizing the lack of easily available information about military divorces and Virginia law, Matt joined forces with the Hofheimer/Ferrebee law firm to co-author an informative book about Virginia family law and it's impact on military families. Equally important, the book discusses entitlements due military wives as a result of their marriage to military members.

Armed with knowledge as a former Navy JAG officer and motivated with an advocate's passion to help women through the family crisis of divorce, Matt also wanted to honor female military spouses who often serve their nation in quiet desperation as their family life unravels. Thus, he not only co-authored this book, but he also joined the Hofheimer/Ferrebee firm in order to represent women exclusively in divorce and custody matters. Matt's not just "talking the talk," he's "walking the walk."

Topics in this program include:

  • What makes a military divorce different from a civilian divorce
  • Where should a military divorce occur
  • How will deployment and new duty stations impact child custody arrangements
  • Do I need to be married for 10-years to my military spouse to be able to get a portion of his retirement?
  • What is the Survival Benefit Plan and is it worth it to elect this?
  • Will my medical benefits cease upon my divorce (health benefits are free to military members and their dependents)?  What about medical benefits for our children after the divorce?
  • What is a 20/20/20 spouse and what is a 20/20/15 spouse?
  • And, so much more!
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In this 6th episode of Sex after Divorce with Juliana Neiman, we continue our exploration into our sexual selves.

Sex Therapist, Juliana Neiman discusses:

  • How and when to say no to sex as in
  • How to tell your partner, not tonight
  • How to say no to a sex act you don't prefer
  • When is the right time to begin having sex with a new partner?

This program touches on how to feel if your child in their teens or twenties has never experienced sex or a relationship with the opposite sex.  Since so many "tweens" are in relationships and having intimate relations, should you be concerned that because your child hasn't expressed an interest in going on dates that your child may be gay?

Finally, we discuss Oral Sex and break down the taboo and myths surrounding it.  Juliana shares some helpful resources for those looking to expand their "sexual menu".

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In this episode of The Intelligent Divorce with Dr. Mark Banschick, M.D. on Divorce Source Radio, Dr. Banschick explores the definition of forgiveness and helps us better understand how we might get to this important point in our divorce process.

You'll learn that forgiveness is not allowing your past to become your future.  Dr. Banschick's thoughts on this subject are both entertaining and powerful as he is passionate about helping couples work through the madness of their divorce for the sanity of their children and themselves.

A word of caution to listeners:  Dr. Mark makes his singing debut at the beginning of this program.  After the show, co-host Steve Peck told Dr. Banschick that after hearing him sing, he thought he should go to Hollywood... the walk would do him good.  ;)

This is a must hear program for anyone going through divorce and coming to grips with forgiveness.

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