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Joanie Lesley and Steve return with their 4th of July edition. 

Topics in this explosive episode include:

  • Throwing French fries at your child is considered child abuse with a deadly weapon
  • Do parents go too far during their kids sporting events?
  • How new technology is changing our world
  • What are single people doing on the 4th of July?
  • Lesley is running a marathon
  • Stinky subways
  • Favorite quotes and poems
  • How meditation quiets the mind
  • Hairy people
  • Steve's middle school rock band
  • Dead celebrities and Oprah tips the scales...again!

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Sex Therapist, Juliana Neiman continues her "Building Blocks" series.

Learning to reclaim  sexuality and self esteem strengthens  emotional growth . Today we deal with Guilt Rejection, Grief and Anger  and we explore who it may be worse for, the leavor or the  leavee?   Juliana helps us understand what each person might be feeling after divorce.

Topics in this program include:

  • Stopping negative mental noise
  • How negative mind chatter destroys sexual arousal
  • The process of moving forward after divorce
  • Getting in touch with your feelings and realizing that you did the best you could at the time, during your past relationship
  • Past rejection doesn't mean you are a failure
  • Rebuilding your self esteem and getting over rejection

For more on Juliana Neiman, visit: www.JulianaNeiman.com.

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In this episode of Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck from The Divorce Expo, the discussion is online dating.

Our guests are Michelle Talbert and Ricardo Kingsbury.  They met online a week before Valentine’s Day. They celebrated Valentine’s Day together, had a whirlwind love affair, and by Easter were asking, “What just happened?” At 41, they are both twice married, yet hopeful that they’ll find and keep true love. Collectively, they have almost 20 years of off and on online dating experience.

Their book, Don’t Do What We Did! is an insider’s guide to online dating from a couple who did it, didn’t quite succeed at a romantic connection, but are still standing (and speaking to each other) to tell the tale.  They share their story and the stories of others who have used online dating for one purpose, or another. It’s a he said/she said tongue-in-cheek and helpful guide to online dating, with some hints, tips and secrets to online dating success shared along the way.

Topics include:

  • Set a vision for who you want to meet
  • Don't do yourself a disservice by being dishonest
  • What types of pictures of yourself should you be posting on dating sites?
  • Men & women approach dating differently
  • For more on Michelle and Ricardo or to order their book, visit: www.DontDoWhatWeDid.com

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On episode #20 of Single Again! Now What? Lesley and Steve are holding down the fort.  (Joanie got called into a meeting an hour before doing the show.)

Lesley and Steve talked about everything in this show including:

  • Breaking relationships into a mathematical equation based on the book Emotion Equation
  • Octo-Mom agrees to do an adult film
  • The life of a hooker
  • Stupid laws
  • Downtown Atlanta
  • Shuffleboard bar game
  • Changing equipment in golf and tennis while baseball stays the same
  • Roger Clemens verdict and steroids in sports
  • Doctors not telling patients the need to Co-Q10 when taking satins
  • Facelifts and Botox
  • Improving your self confidence by working out
  • Steve talks about his band in middle school and posts a song on Single Again's Facebook page
  • Changing the blade on a lawnmower
  • And last but not least, we have the privilege of meeting Lesley's son Jack.

We enjoy hearing form our listeners so please visit our Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/SingleAgainNowWhat and feel free to write us at: DivorceSourceRadio@gmail.com.

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You can protect your kids through Divorce Without Dishonor, and our guest, Michael Mastracci tells us how to resolve custody conflicts in divorce.  Author and lawyer, Mike Mastracci is a nationally recognized family law attorney and mediator with over 20 years of professional experience. He is the author of STOP Fighting Over the Kids, Resolving Day-to-Day Conflict in Divorce Situations.

In addition to his legal, collaborative and mediation skills, Mastracci brings much more to the table: with an insightful, kind and helpful approach. He shares his personal child custody issues and challenges to better serve you in solving your legal, practical, parental, and situational problems.

Mr. Mastracci through his common sense approach provides insight, strategies and an invaluable understanding of Court, costly custody battles. Mastracci encourages divorcing couples to educate themselves in the Collaborative Divorce method whereby they can demonstrate by their words and actions that they love their children more than they may dislike their ex. Mike will frankly tell you that contested divorce and child custody litigation is more often than not a waste of time, money and emotional wear and tear.

Mastracci is committed to preserving parent-child relationships. He maintains the popular family law Blog: www.DivorceWithoutDishonor.com.

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This is part three on Blended Families with Dr. Mark Banschick of The Intelligent Divorce.

Divorce doesn't end with the divorce papers being signed.  As you move on in life and begin new relationship, this can become an issue with your kids and or the children of your new partner.

In this final episode of Blended Families,  Dr. Banschick shares advice on how to protect the innocence of your children and create a better blend of step-parenting.

For more on Dr. Banschick, visit: www.TheIntelligentDivorce.com.

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We're pleased to announce a FREE divorce support group telephone call taking place June 19th from 8:00 - 9:30pm Eastern Standard Time.

Leading the call is Divorce Coach Karen McMahon, a frequent contributor to Divorce Source Radio.  Steve Peck is encouraging all DSR listeners to attend this free call.

The call topic is Loneliness and Isolation.  Loneliness is not just about your marriage ending, it is about all the aspects of your life that change.  You are separating from your partner of many years and that by itself can lead to loneliness.  But because your entire life is structured around your marriage, it impacts all your relationships. Going from a married couple to a single person affects your relationships with your family, in-laws, friends and most social circles that you have enjoyed during your married life.  Finding yourself suddenly single can feel alien and isolating.

Listen to this program for more information on attending this free night of coaching and register today at www.DivorceSourceRadio.com by clicking on the banner for the event.

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Okay, the show title is just plain dumb, but you try writing better.  When Joanie, Lesley and Steve get together on Single Again! Now What?, the subjects change faster than a speeding bullet.

This show begins with a discussion on control freaks and quickly shifts into what chores some women have to do and Steve feels isn't right.  (He's kind of old school.) The trio then shifts into healthy eating and the organic produce guidelines.  Do you know how to tell the difference of true organic produce in stores based on the little sticker?  And who's great idea was it to place a sticker on every piece of fruit?

So that's the health part of the show title.  As for the horny, Lesley tells the story of a woman who has a "friend with benefits" relationship because he's "the best lover ever!"  And where did he get his sexual knowledge...  from a friggin book.  (Steve claims he wrote the book... whatever.)

The show ends on an up-note with how to follow your heart and live your dream.  So enjoy the ride and stop by the Single Again! Now What? Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/SingleAgainNowWhat.

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Divorce/Life Coach, Laura Campbell joins us to discuss how we can have an effortless, extraordinary life and love on Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck.

Divorce is the dissolution of a profound and significant love relationship and while it feels like an end, is really the beginning of a journey towards attracting, creating, embracing and enjoying an effortless, extraordinary life and love.

Finding your ideal relationship can happen at any time and at any place.  However, if you are not living a life that allows you to interact with potential partners, it is going to be difficult to find one. 

Topics in the program include:

  • How to go about finding an ideal relationship
  • Living a life of passion and purpose
  • The connection between healthy relationships with family and friends and your love relationships
  • The importance of being emotionally and financially healthy prior to entering into a new relationship
  • And much more.

For more on Laura Campbell and to receive her special offer for Divorce Source Radio listeners, visit: www.DiscoverTheDSpot.com

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Don't shove the children into the corner with the idea you are protecting them from the horrors of divorce when selling the marital home, you are not.

The children will start asking questions at this point (after some crying); one will certainly be about the home.  Assuming you are going to sell the home, turn the conversation into something positive and reassuring.  Tell them you will be inviting a realtor (specialist I hope!) over soon and you would like for them to be with you and ask questions.

In this episode or Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck,  Divorce Realtor, Randy Morrow joins us to discuss selling the marital home with children during divorce.

For more on Randy Morrow, visit: www.randymorrowdivorceandrealty.com

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