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On this episode of Sex After Divorce with Juliana Neiman, we discuss sexual indiscretions.

Infidelity happens in relationships for many different reasons.  Some feel they aren't receiving the attention they deserve from their partner, and seek a sexual or emotional relationship elsewhere.  For others, it may be something that happened out of the blue, and afterwards, left them feeling guilty and ashamed.

Some marriages head towards divorce after a partner who has had an indiscretion told their partner of their affair.  The question is, if you are in a relationship and had an affair, realized it was a mistake, and vow to never do it again, should you tell your partner?  You might be surprised with Juliana's answer.

Also discussed in the program:

  • Open relationships
  • Is an emotional affair more damaging than a sexual affair?
  • How to prevent an affair
  • And much more.

For more on Juliana Neiman, visit: www.Juliana Neiman.com.

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Is possible that your hormones could have played a role in the demise of your marriage?  Dr. Edward Lichten believes that many relationship problems can be directly traced to hormone imbalances.

Did your sex life with your ex cease to exist ?  Did you find yourself having an affair because you weren't getting your needs met at home?  Did the personality of your ex drastically change from the person you fell in love with?   Do you find your sex drive has diminished?  Have you lost energy, focus and your zest for life?  If you answered to more than one of these questions, and are in your late 30's and beyond, there is a chance a hormonal imbalance could be part of the problem.

Dr. Lichten is the author of the Textbook of Bio-Identical Hormones and a leading researcher in the field of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  He joins us along with two of his patients and explains the hormonal connection  that can be attributed to married couples falling out of love and into divorce.  In this program, you'll learn how a simple visit to an anti-aging specialist can improve your health and enhance future relationships.  

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy include:

  • Preventing heart disease
  • preventing osteoporosis
  • Controlling menopause symptoms
  • Improving sexual performance
  • increased energy and muscle mass
  • reduces body fat
  • improves mood and memory
  • and much more.

For more on Dr. Lichten, visit: www.USdoctor.info

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From The Family Support Expo in Toronto, Canada, Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck features attorneys Lorne Fine and Stephanie Pasternak to discuss a more peaceful way to divorce.

It's called Alternative dispute resolution, or ADR, and it has become very popular in recent years as the delay and expense associated with a divorce trial has encouraged lawyers and litigants to seek alternatives to divorce court. In alternative dispute resolution, parties typically engage the services of a neutral third party to help them resolve a divorce settlement without litigation.

There are a number of advantages to alternative dispute resolution. It typically costs less, can be resolved more quickly and is usually less hostile than litigation. By choosing a method of alternative dispute resolution, you may eliminate stress and hardship on all parties involved.

For more information on Lorne Fine and Stephanie Pasternak, visit: www.TorontoDivorceLaw.com.

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This show begins with frustration.  Steve was trying to help Joanie log on to Google's Hangout for our first video podcast.  Joanie couldn't seen to work things out on her end bringing back the frustration Steve used to have with his no-tech ex.  After an hour, they trash the idea and go back to using Skype.  Have you ever argued with a partner over computer problems?  Then you'll relate to this segment.

Tis the season to prepare for the holidays, and for some, the holiday season can be a depressing time.  Joanie offers tips on surviving the holidays if you find yourself alone.  Steve shares a sad story from a past show of a man who was so depressed that he was planning suicide.

The dynamic duo also touch on Joanie's obsession for decorating for the holidays and plans for Thanksgiving.  The Single Again! posse is thankful that you are part of our community and we wish you the happiest holiday season. 

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On this episode of The Smart Divorce with Deborah Moskovitch, our guest is Denise Whitehead, a lawyer with a Ph.D. in Family Relations & Human Development.  She combines her legal and social science backgrounds and shares her important research on socio-legal practice and policy issues related to separation and divorce that affect all members of the family system – mothers, fathers and children.

Dr. Whitehead discusses her dissertation research that involved in-depth interviews with young adults who spent time in shared custody as children and examined their perspectives on transitions, relationships and fairness.  The information is helpful on so many levels – but most importantly looks at what children really want, the outcomes and impact. 

Topics in this program include:

  • How shared custody is influencing parent child relationships
  • Fairness in decision making
  • What children want in a custody arrangement
  • The importance of quality time with children
  • Who “owns the time”
  • ‘Managing-up:’ Young adult children who experienced shared custody reflect on their efforts to make family relations work
  • Custodial decision-making and fairness: Young adults who lived in shared custody give their ‘expert’ opinions
  • And so much more…….

This is a must listen show if you are thinking of, working through or implementing your parenting plan.  Dr. Whitehead provides practical and creative thinking about parenting and the relationship with your children. 

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On this episode of Single Again! Now What?, Joanie, Lesley & Steve download their thoughts on the recent elections.  (We're all glad to have the commercials off the air.)

Lesley was tied up in traffic and does the entire show from her cell, leading to a discussion about traffic gridlock and transportation in major cities.

Our conversation somehow turns the corner to Childbirth Lane as we reminisce about having our first child and the different birthing methods available.  And we all know that Lesley is single, so why is someone telling her she's going to be pregnant in the coming year??  And you can't talk about childbirth these days without having the fear that you child may be the one in eighty children born with autism.  How could this be happening and what's to blame for this?

We end the show on a high note as we talk about the legalization of marijuana in two states this past election.  So grab some munchies and join us for the fun.  Also, for more information on our show and hosts, (including the tree picture Lesley mentions during the show), stop by our fan page at: www.Facebook.com/SingleAgainNowWhat.

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We've heard of divorce coaches and divorce consultants, but never before a Divorce Doula!  In this episode of Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck, from The Family Support Expo in Toronto, Lynn Kaplan, (a.k.a.., Divorce Doula), joins us and explains her unique method of helping individuals navigate divorce more successfully.

Lynn provides her clients with strategic planning and expert guidance to meet a full range of practical and emotional needs.  She educates and prepares them to work effectively and efficiently with other specialists, such as lawyers, accountants, or mediators to ensure a more economical use of your money, time, and emotional resources.

If you're in the process of divorce, this program will show you that you don't have to go it alone. Divorce can be overwhelming, and Lynn helps her clients plan strategies to adapt to the changes that divorcing individuals and their children are undergoing as the family structure changes.  She also assists clients by preparing them for mediations and meetings with their lawyer or divorce professionals so they can walk in with a succinct and organized agenda.  This not only saves clients money, but also provides peace of mind as well.

For more information on Lynn Kaplan, Visit: www.LynnKaplan.ca

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In this episode of Divorce Source Radio from The Family Support Expo in Toronto, our guest is family law attorney, Nathalie Boutet.

Nathalie is a skilled Family Law lawyer with over 21 years of experience, and is committed to the practices of Mediation, Collaborative Law and out of court advocacy for separating couples and families. She is also a pioneer in the field of Neuro Family Law©, the integration of the science of the brain and the psychology of negotiation into law, to help professionals better understand and work with their clients and other professionals.

Our discussion is centered around the fairness of divorce and ways to improve communications skills to ensure more clarity between you and your partner if you're in the process of divorce.  These same communication skills will help you in future relationships as well. For some, divorce will never seem fair, but there are ways to divorce more amicably if you are equipped with the proper knowledge.

Topics in the program include:

  • Is Canadian divorce more fair than American divorce?
  • Canada's one-year waiting period for divorce
  • How society enables divorce
  • Common Law partnerships (Living together without being married)
  • Are prenuptials a good idea prior to marriage?
  • The importance of lawyers being able to connect with their clients
  • And much more.

For more information on Nathalie Boutet, visit: www.CollaborativeLawBlog.ca

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Lesley's back and she just celebrated her birthday!  (As a reminder to those new to our show, Lesley is in Atlanta, Joanie's in Boston and Steve's in Detroit.)

Joanie felt the fallout of the Super Storm Sandy in Massachusetts and shares her experience. After discussing the depressing storm, it's time to get laughing.

On today's show we take a look at Laughter Meditation and welcome you along for the joy ride.  Our guest is Pragito Dove, author of Laughter, Tears, Silence. She is also a meditation master and trainer.

So what in the world is laughter meditation you ask?  It's a two stage process designed to lower stress (we all feel better after a good laugh, don’t we?), boosts the immune system, and can lower cholesterol and blood pressure. It is even good for digestion. It's well-known that meditation techniques help reduce anxiety, and depression, allowing you to tap directly into your own source of natural well-being. Meditation also improves brain functioning, decision-making, and increases happiness.  So what have you got to lose?  Let's get laughing!

Pragito teaches us about laughter meditation and takes us through a guided meditation exercise that you can do along with us.  As they say, laughter is the best medicine, and now you'll learn why.  Even if you feel down in the dumps, you'll learn tips to make you feel more balanced, energized and happier.

For more information on Pragito Dove and the meditation practices she offers, visit www.DiscoverMeditation.com.

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