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On this episode of Single Again! Now What?, Joanie Winberg and Steve Peck speak with the author of Guy Free, Working on Me, Shauna Hoffman.

Guy Free Working On Me is not meant to be a permanent lifestyle. It is meant to be a time in your life where you stop basing your worth, your happiness, and your self esteem on having a man at your side. This is going to be an all out re-deciding of who you are, who you want to be and what you feel inside.

In the program we discuss:

  • The Key points for a good relationship
  • Why we sometime seek out our opposite for a partner
  • The importance of matching values in relationships
  • The importance of healthy sex
  • And much more.

For more on Shauna Hoffman, visit www.WorkingOnMe.com.

Joanie and Steve are still searching for a new co-host and we're looking for listeners that would like to give it a shot by doing a show with us.  Listeners, be sure to pitch in with your thoughts on those who come on the air with us by emails at: DivorceSouceRadio@gmail.com or via our Facebook page at: www.Facebook.com/SingleAgainNowWhat.  For more programs on Divorce and Life after Divorce, visit: www.DivorceSourceRadio.com.

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The Single Again! Now What? auditions have begun.  Joanie Winberg and Steve Peck invite their first co-host, Tasher (as she prefers to be called) as a possible replacement for co-host, Lesley Hatfield. Tasher is from Houston, and the owner/creator of DivorceAndScaredNoMore.com. She is a mom of three grown children and a grandmother of three.

She is one of the few people on the planet whose wedding and divorce anniversary are the same date only 26 years later.  She is a shining example of how to turn a lemon into a Zesty Lemon Sorbet and share with the world.

Hot topics for today’s show:

  • Why do married couples find it acceptable to poke fun of their spouses in public? Is this one of the causes of divorce?
  • If you have been on the receiving end of being told that your spouse wants a divorce, than listen to one of the most unusual and shocking stories of how a husband learned his wife wanted a divorce
  • The importance of making time to sing and dance (even in the rain)
  • How the new methods of dating can help you work out your "grey" matter

Drop us an email and let us know what you think of Tasher at: DivorceSourceRadio@gmail.com or on our Facebook Page. If you have always wanted to be on the radio and would like to be considered for the position as a co-host, please e-mail us at: DivorceSourceRadio@gmail.com and tell us why you think you should be a radio star.

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Heartwarming, dream come true, and a family reunion.  These are but a few words that ring true, and bring tears of sadness and happiness. Family law attorney Ron Supancic shares his touching and personal story of his parents divorce and subsequent remarriage almost 30 years later; and the profound impact it has had on his life.  This is a first for Ron, as he has never publically shared his family story, and we were honored and privileged to have heard it first – and be able to share it with our special listeners. 

This episode of The Smart Divorce is not to be missed.  It’s a true Hollywood story with an ending that many children of divorce can only dream of, a parent’s reunion after many years of divorce.  There are so many life lessons that Ron teaches us; how he has become a wounded healer, uses the talking stick, what it means to develop your mission statement for divorce.  There is much to learn – tune in to hear this powerful story of encouragement and hope. 

A few highlights from Ron’s story ………
•    Parent’s divorced when he was only 9 years old, a time when divorce was a rare event.
•    Although abandoned by his biological father, they reunited 10 years later when Ron enlisted and served as a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy's Judge Advocate General's Corp.
•    Ron’s mother’s question…..and how the answer reunited the family.
•    How determination and perseverance shaped Ron’s career as family law attorney helping clients see their divorce as a healing opportunity for transformation.
Ron Supancic has been voted one of L.A.'s Super Lawyers by a jury of his peers in Los Angeles Magazine every year since 2006. At a special ceremony held last September, Ron was honored by the California State Bar for 30 years of service as a Certified Family Law Specialist.  Ron is a frequent guest on radio and television, where he advocates Collaborative Divorce and Mediation, as well as other innovative approaches to resolve family conflict. Author of three books, When All Else Fails: The Real Cost of Ending a Marriage, Win-Win Custody Solutions, and California Family Law: A Layman's Guide, Ron offers his clients the newest choices in family law. His commitment is to advocate for his client's rights in a climate of integrity, dignity and respect. To contact Ron, visit his website at www.thelawcollaborative.com

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Living in The SuperMind

This episode of Single Again! Now What? begins with the ongoing search for a co-host to join Joanie and Steve on the show. Ever dream of being a radio star?  Here's your chance, listen for details.

Today's special guest is Maurie Pressman, M.D., author of Living in The Supermind.  Dr Pressman is the Medical Director and Founder of the Pressman Center for Mind/Body Wellness, with offices in Philadelphia.  This is a clinic which focuses on spiritual psychotherapy and the exploration of the human soul.  Living in The Supermind reveals that there is within us a mind beyond imagination.   It is a Supermind which offers the power of knowledge, love, and inspiration beyond dreams.  But it must be opened. The Supermind is the mind of dream and spirit.  For more on Dr. Pressman and his book, visit: www.MauriePressman.com.

Other show topics include:

  • Motorcycles, men love 'em, most wives hate 'em
  • Keys to a lasting relationship
  • What to do when you run into an ex and their new love interest
  • Single Again! Now What? is soon to be heard on Boomer Living Radio on the FMG network

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Tools for Better Co-Parenting

It’s tough enough being a parent this days, but when you add in the layer of co-parenting with your children’s other parent, it can become complicated – the good news is, it doesn’t need to be.

Our guest, Dr. Isolina Ricci, Ph.D., is the author of the enduring classic for parents Mom's House, Dad's House, Mom's House, Dad's House for KIDS, and the newly released The CoParenting Toolkit. She is an internationally renowned licensed family therapist, educator, and mediator whose work has inspired and supported two generations of parents. Many of her pioneering concepts such as "Parenting Plans," the "business-like" approach for managing conflict and communications, better words to replace legal terms like "custody" and "visitation," have all become accepted standards.

In this episode of The Smart Divorce we discuss how to co-parent without conflict, do what’s in your children’s best interest and more. 

Topics include:

  • The 3 lane Co-Parenting Highway
  • How parents can build on their strengths
  • “The Miserable Middle”
  • Co-Parenting guidelines
  • Flexible Co-Parenting
  • What kids want their parents to know
  • And much more!

The Co-Parenting toolkit is available at: www.momshousedadshouse.com Mom's House, Dad's House books are available through amazon.com. 

For more information check out Dr Ricci’s website CoParentingToday.com, there are free articles. For example, "Divorce from the Kids Point of View", "What your words really say" or "Parenting Plans: your most important document".

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