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There is a kaleidoscope of emotion experienced in divorce, and sometimes it makes good people do bad things, but can also bring out the worst in people especially those with mental wellness issues. What happens when you are faced with the adversity from the other side, crazy making behavior, deception, lies, and so on.

Our guest is Steven Benmor, a Family Law lawyer who only handles matrimonial cases.   He takes us through the critical steps and thinking behind dealing with the difficult issues and personalities.   Steven is a Certified Specialist in Family Law by the Law Society of Upper Canada, Adjunct Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, Co-chair of the Board of Access For Parents and Children in Ontario, Executive Member of the Family Law Section of the Ontario Bar Association, Member of the Board of the Ontario Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, Member of the Board of the Ontario Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse, Member of The Advocates Society, Member of the Toronto Lawyers Association and Member of the Family Lawyers Association. Steven is a recognized lawyer, educator, speaker and writer – and is well versed in dealing with many of the difficult divorce dilemmas that only the most seasoned of lawyers can handle so adeptly.

In this episode of The Smart Divorce we discuss personality disorder, the relationship breakdown business, and stepchildren support.

Topics include:

  • Dealing with oppositional, paranoid and aggressive behavior from the other side –your soon to be former partner and their legal counsel
  • Why you’re better off in the legal system
  • Getting out of “emotional jail”
  • Why it’s important to focus on the truth, not on the lie
  • What the system is – an adversarial system, and not an inquisition system
  • Legal responsibilities to the step children
  • And much more! 

Be sure to tune it, this is a lively discussion and a must listen! 

For more information and to contact Steven Benmor visit his website at www.benmor.com or email steve@benmor.com


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This edition of Single Again! Now What? begins with exciting news from Joanie. 

Steve tells of reinventing a past relationship.  He has learned to be single and his current relationship has morphed into the "friends with benefits" type, and it seems to be working for everyone.  Joanie provides tips for healing after a break-up, and together, Joanie and Steve show that living alone isn't so bad after all.  If you are going through this now and having a tough time, rest assured that you will become settled in time.

Steve decided to cold call a potential co-host who had emailed for a chance to be on the show and we introduce you to Tommy Maloney, author of 25 Tips for divorced Dads.  Tommy shares some of his wit and wisdom and turns out to be a very interesting guest.  If you're looking for ways to improve the relationship with your kids after a divorce or find it hard to get along with your stepchildren, Tommy provides some valuable advice.

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On this edition of Single Again! Now What? with Joanie Winberg and Steve Peck, Dottie Coffman joins us as a possible co-host for our show.  Like Dottie?  Let us know.  Think YOU should be on the air with us?  Send us an email and tell us why you think you would be great on our show.

Topics in the show include:

  • Natural childbirth
  • If you had a C Section during your first pregnancy do you need to have one for the next child?
  • Men in the delivery room
  • How strange are accents from different cities?
  • Dating Disasters
  • Terrestrial radio vs. Podcasts - How radio is changing
  • And much more.

For more on our co-host visit her Facebook page.  

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Family Law attorney, Henry Gornbein, continues his series, The Divorce Process.

In this episode, Henry addresses questions related to filing for divorce.  Some believe that it matters who files first.  You may be surprised with Henry's answer.

Others feel they would be best represented by a firm that markets directly to men or women.  Henry dispels the need for a specialized law firm.

Filing is never an easy decision to make and shouldn't be taken lightly.  Henry provides information and insight for anyone considering divorce in this important legal series.

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Steve has finally returned from Captiva Island, Florida.  Joanie and Steve catch up and we bring you up to speed with what's going on at Divorce Source Radio.

Topics include:

  • How business associates expect you to connect while on vacation 
  • How do you plan your work/life priorities?
  • Finding your special purpose in life
  • Having money doesn't always make you happy
  • Joanie, The Bird Woman from Boston?
  • Co-Host tryouts
  • and much more.

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Listeners have written in and asked where we've been.  Steve explains in this episode.

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