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Transformation from a Participating Partner to a Successful Rebuilder

In this episode David Feder focuses on the PARTICIPATING PARTNER and the guidelines the person who cheated MUST follow in order to become a SUCCESSFUL REBUILDER.

The difference between the IMPOSTER who says he or she wants to heal and the PARTICIPATING PARTNER who doesn’t just talk but is willing to WALK THE TALK is committing to a series of guidelines that makes recovery possible.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Do lie detector tests work and should they be used
  • How to help your spouse heal from an affair
  • How to become a successful relationship REBUILDER

For more on David Feder, visit: www.MyLifeAfterAn Affair.com.

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Single Again! Now What? returns from the 4th of July break with Joanie telling tales of her trip with a friend to Nantucket.  Have you ever been on a trip with a friend that seemed to control the flow of what you do and when you do it?  This was Joanie's experience and she talks about having to call her friend after the trip to express her displeasure for the way things went.  She values her friend but felt the need to get some things off her chest.  We've all felt this way and Joanie shows us how being up-front is always the best way.

Steve talks of the great Mackinaw Island in Michigan and his new found love for coconut water.  He also reminisces about a time when he was married and wanted to go to New Orleans with his wife and she didn't want to go.  His solution... go by himself.  Was this the right or wrong decision?  You be the judge.

Other topics include:

  • Do wives control their husbands?
  • Listener questions answered
  • and much more.

For more programs on divorce and life after divorce, visit: www.DivorceSourceRadio.com.  For more on Joanie, visit: www.FreshStartAfterDivorce.com.

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Our guest, Dr. Donald Gordon, is a Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Divorce Education.  The Center for Divorce Education is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public, and family justice professionals on the effects of divorce and parenting plans on the emotional and social development of children.

Dr. Gordon is a 40+ year clinical psychologist and researcher with an area of expertise targeting the reduction and prevention of juvenile delinquency. During his 40 years of working with families, Dr. Gordon has studied the effects that different strategies have on reducing conflict within a family (both with parents and children).

In this episode of The Smart Divorce, Dr. Gordon shares his insights and wisdom on developing a healthy, happy relationship with your children and co-parent.  He explains how to communicate effectively, minimize stress, reduce conflict, and take your children out of the middle of the crossfire. 

We explore the cost effective education programs for parent and children that minimize the harmful effects of divorce.  Learn how the cost effective skills based online program by The Centre for Divorce Education can help you.  We also explore these five typical issues of divorce:

1. Money Problems

2. Children Carrying Messages between Parents

3. Long Distance Parenting

4. Quizzing Children about the Other Parent

5. Putting Down the Other Parent

Learn skills that will immediately change the way you interact

To contact Dr. Gordon, please visit his website at http://www.divorce-education.com

For more information about the online divorce education programs visit http://online.divorce-education.com



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In this episode of Single Again! Now What? Joanie and Steve discuss the case for Paula Deen's dismissal from The Food Network and sponsors canceling their contracts with her over her use of the "N" word thirty years ago.

Steve has some strong feelings regarding the situation and shares his thoughts regarding racism. In this podcast, you will hear the actual interview with Paula Deen as originally aired on The Today Show.

Joanie puts on her coaching hat and wonders how many of us have said things in a relationship that we really didn't mean and paid the price for doing so.  This story has struck a nerve and we'd really like you to provide your opinion as well.  You can do so by posting on our Facebook Page or you could call and leave a voicemail with your feelings and we will air them during our next show.  Our Listener Line number is (248) 686-2256.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this sensitive issue.

For more programs on divorce and life after divorce, visit: www.DivorceSourceRadio.com.

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