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Merry Christmas everyone!  Toni and Steve are back at cha with their first holiday show.

Pour a drink of your favorite adult beverage, kick back and enjoy the madness.  Christmas music, a rare Elvis song where Elvis can't stop laughing and even Toni's girls join the show.

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Super Fan Kevin, joins Steve & Toni from Toronto and Kev & Toni share their experience of being in Detroit and staying with Steve. 

Other topics discussed in the program include:

  • South Beach Vs. Miami
  • DSR listener emails and a special song written by a DSR listener
  • How listeners tune in to DSR
  • Should there be a Listener Party at Steve's place?
  • Steve doesn't get Facebook
  • Why do we keep looking for the same type of person we didn't get alone with before?
  • And Steve plays a song from his band when he was in his teens.

For more on Toni, visit: www.YouRiseAbove.com.  For more programs on divorce and life after divorce, visit: www.DivorceSourceRadio.com.

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Toni is Steve's first co-host to actually come and visit him.  In the past, Steve has traveled to Toronto, Atlanta and Boston to meet his other co-hosts.  This time the tables were turned as Being Single co-host, Toni Morales can to visit Steve in Detroit, AKA, the "D".

In this episode, you'll hear all the fun Steve and Toni had. They even bring on Steve's sister Lori, who hands over a special cookie recipe just in time for the holidays.  

This program gives you a glimpse of Toni and Steve's real world and all that is Being Single.

For more on Toni, visit: www.YourRiseAbove.com.  For more programs on divorce and life after divorce, visit: www.DivorceSourceRadio.com

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Happy Holidays from Divorce Source Radio. So what's to be happy about you ask.  I know things may be very rough for you right now, but I want you to understand I have been there and gotten beyond that.

I'm re-airing this show I did going on five years ago when I went through my own divorce.  It was all happening during the holidays and I reached out to psychologist, Dr. Larry Friedberg to help others like me cope with our first holiday alone.  This has been one of the most listened to programs on Divorce Source Radio and is my gift to you.  I hope this program helps you.  - Steve Peck, Founder & Host, Divorce Source Radio.

The holidays can be a challenging time for families going through divorce. We have these images of perfect family holidays, yet your own family is coping with a situation that is anything but perfect. In this program, psychologist, Dr. Larry Friedberg, provides advice to help get you through the holidays.

This Program Covers:

·          Dealing with ALL Holidays including: Christmas, Hanukkah , Easter, Birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Graduations

·          How to deal with your feelings and emotions during this trying time

·          Understanding issues your children may be dealing with during the Holiday season

·          Dividing parenting time between you and your ex

·          Tips for Holiday parties and gatherings to ease the stress

·          Is it proper to begin dating around the Holidays

For more programs related to divorce and life after divorce, visit www.DivorceSourceRadio.com

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Being Alone for The Holidays

The Anatomy of An Affair series with David Feder continues with Being Alone for The Holidays in Episode #7.

For many the significance of the Holiday Season is a combination of religious significance, gift-giving and reconnecting with friends and family.  But after an affair, what once seemed easy is now more complicated.  What is the right kind of gift to buy and what message do I want to give are now questions that need to be considered?  While we once looked forward to spending time together this year we worry about how to manage the awkwardness that may exist. 

And what about the kids, don’t they deserve to have a good Holiday Season?  This is the time of year when some anticipate the arrival of Santa Claus, they look forward to spending time with parents, extended family and friends and they wonder whether the gift they so desire will be waiting for them.

How you spend time is not an all or nothing proposition and it is often best to give each other permission to have some alone time apart from one another.  Of course this requires trust that the partner who cheated is not going to use that their alone time to visit with their affair partner.  If this is still a concern then spending time together may not be a good idea and you should reconsider whether spending any time together during the holiday season is a good idea.

David offers advise and hope in this episode or The Anatomy of An Affair.   For more on David, visit: www.MyLifeAfterAnAffair.com.  Make the best of your holidays.  We wish you the best.  For more programs on divorce and life after divorce, visit www.DivorceSourceRadio.com.

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