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In episode #8 of The Anatomy of an Affair with David Feder, we take a look at the “other” man or woman who became involved with your partner.

How could another woman or man become involved with someone who was a relationship with someone else who had potentially been married for years and with children? 

This show helps us to better understand what the person who was involved in the affair and potentially breaking apart a family was thinking.  How could they knowingly become involved in this situation?  Perhaps they were being misled by the person in the relationship telling them their marriage really wasn’t working and that they were planning on getting divorced. 

And what if you’re having an affair and decide to divorce and be with your affair partner only to discover that months or a few years later the person you left your family for decides they no longer want to be with you?  And if someone entered into an affair with you what are the chances that they might leave you for yet another affair?

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January has been dubbed “divorce month” — and with good reason. It shows a higher number of divorce filings than any other month. Going through a divorce during the holidays can be emotionally draining, which is why many people don’t do it – they put it off until January. People don’t want to upset the status quo, rituals or routines over the holiday season; they want a peaceful Christmas, Hanukkah, festive season or happy New Year’s. They also don’t want their children to associate the holidays with their parents divorce – that certainly is putting their children’s best interest first.  And then after soul searching and reflection during this time, many realize that they don’t want to spend another year with their spouse, as soon as the holidays are over they make this life changing decision, and file.

Join Deborah Moskovitch and Steve Peck as we discuss with our guest, Rosalind Sedacca smarter ways to begin the divorce process, especially when you’ve got kids.  Rosalind shares with us information about International Child-Centered Divorce Month, which is commemorated every January. This month divorcing and divorced parents can access free coaching, books, video programs and other gifts – all free – from divorce experts around the world. Deborah offers something special there too! 

Tune in to find out how you can take advantage of this very special offer.

And, there’s a bonus for The Smart Divorce and Divorce Source Radio Listeners.  Order now to receive 25% off the already low price.  Email Deborah  for more information and to place your order.  Click here for more information.

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The 10th episode of Being Single is over 2-hours of all things sex with a few other topics thrown in for good measure.

Join Steve & Toni for their weekly coffee talk with special guest Dr. Edward Lichten.  Dr. Lichten is a gynecologist and anti-aging medicine specialist and no leaf is left unturned in this conversation.  

From Menopause and vaginal dryness to condoms, orgasms, what women really want and girl's boy toys, this show has it all. And as with all Being Single shows, the conversation is tongue-in-cheek and a lot of fun.

We realize you're probably not going to listen for over 2-hours at one time but that's what the pause button is for.  This is your weekly Toni and Steve fix.  Enjoy!

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Happy New Year from Toni and Steve at Being Single!  We wish you the best year ever.

This first show of the New Year is jam packed with all kinds of fun stuff.  It's everything anyone who has ever been single can relate to.  Topics in the show include:

  • Steve & Toni's Christmas and New Year
  • The horrible flu season
  • Toni's 80's crush band
  • Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad
  • Smart TV's vs. Cable. 
  • How Long does it take to get over your ex?
  • Toni and Steve's break-up songs
  • Losing weight and getting in shape for the New Year
  • Should couples liver together prior to marriage
  • And much more.

Be sure to "Like" our Facebook page at: www.Facebook.com/BeingSingleRadio.  For more on Toni, visit: www.YouRiseAbove.com. For more programs on divorce and life after divorce, visit: www.DivorceSourceRadio.com.  Feel free to write Toni or Steve @ DivorceSourceRadio@gmail.com.  

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