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Welcome to Start Over Smart, our new show featuring divorce and relationship experts Nicole Feuer and Francine Baras.

This new series will guide you through all aspects of divorce whether you find yourself contemplating, going through or post-divorce.

Meet our show co-hosts:

Nicole Baras Feuer, is a divorce and family mediator with advanced training in custody and visitation. In 2009, Nicole went through her own painful and complex divorce. This journey, coupled with her experience as a divorce mediator, lead to her desire to begin helping others and advising men and women at every stage of divorce.

Francine Baras, earned a master’s degree in social work from Columbia University and has an advanced degree in child psychology and parent guidance. Francine has had a private practice in Manhattan for 25 years, specializing in child and family issues and is also a trained divorce mediator.

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Attorney Henry Gornbein returns with another episode of Ask Henry to discuss the first legal steps to take during divorce.

Topics include:

  • Filing a complaint or petition
  • Putting your husband or wife on notice - what to expect
  • Serving the divorce petition to your husband or wife
  • How to do it with the least amount of discourse.
  • How some lawyers “troll” or solicit for clients and how this can be harmful if domestic violence has been part of the marriage
  • Creating a checklist for the divorce process
  • Digital Discovery - Computers, cell phones, etc.

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 In episode 11 of The Anatomy of an Affair, David Feder discusses why your heart can’t be two places at the same time during an affair.

Comparing your partner to the affair partner is an unfair comparison that will either create more confusion for you or keep you stuck.  You will not discover why you are where you are.  Your heart cannot be in two places at the same time and your partner will almost always come up wanting in any comparison test.  Instead it will be more helpful if instead of directing blame onto your spouse, you focus on yourself and become more aware of your beliefs, values and needs.

The way a person feels when in an affair will almost always trump feelings had in a long-term relationship.  An affair is a fantasy built on a foundation of secrecy, exclusive focus and excitement.  Absent are the financial and childcare responsibilities that often distract committed partners from one another and robs the committed relationship of passion.  Hence, the affair will often appear more exciting and leave participating partners thinking that they finally met someone who truly understands.  But, do they?

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