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(Listener Note: This is Episode #6 of this twelve-part series. To take full advantage of this please visit our show archive and listen to the episodes in their proper order).

I keep getting stuck in what was. 2 tools to shift your gaze from the rear view mirror to the front windshield during divorce.  With Karen McMahon and Sheila Knopp (Step 6 of a 12 Step Series)

It is both normal and easy to label ourselves and / or our spouse as bad or wrong during divorce.  We can live in regret or with rose color glasses as we keep our eyes glued to the rear view mirror.  Our judgement of the past, which is often unconscious thought behavior, locks us into the hurt and pain that we so deeply want to escape.

Today’s show invites you into a new practice of Curiosity.  It considers what might happen if you didn’t firmly believe you knew everything… the why and how, and the motivation or thought behind every action.

While our judgement keeps us stuck in old thought patterns that add to our suffering, curiosity opens the possibility for new learning, growth and healing.  See how letting go of your judgement of the past enables you to embrace the possibility of the future.

For more information on Karen and Journey Beyond Divorce visit: www.JourneyBeyondDivorce.com.

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When we are faced with divorce, we go through a grief process. The death of our marriage brings the loss of the hopes and dreams we had as a couple, the loss of our normal family life, friends, community, etc. Grief is the normal reaction to loss. And, no two people will grieve their losses in the same way. 

You'll learn that there is no "one size fits all" approach to grief recovery, and yet there are experiences we all share when overcome by grief.

There are a range of emotions - often referred to as the stages of grief - that you might experience with the death of your marriage: Denial, Anger, Ambivalence, Depression, and Acceptance.

In this show, Karen and Carrie explore what it means to grieve well and some of the "Rules of Grief" we have learned growing up that need to be consciously examined and set aside in order for you to move into acceptance of your losses. 

Karen and Carrie will share practices and tools for assisting you in taking care of yourself while grieving including how to appropriately express and release your emotional energy with a sense of safety and permission to do so. The healing can begin with these simple practices and tools.

For more information on Karen or Journey Beyond Divorce visit: www.JourneyBeyondDivorce.com

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