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Jun 30, 2011

In this episode of Divorce Recovery with Shelley Stile we discuss the need to change the perspective of your situation which in return caan help alter your attitude in a positive manner.

Fear of our future after divorce keeps us stuck in the pain of the past. This fear prompts our mind chatter to paint a bleak picture of an uncertain future, which in turn creates a disempowering and negative attitude towards life. A negative attitude on life becomes all pervasive and leaves us powerless and depressed. If we stop and think about it, the future is totally unpredictable and unknowable. We simply cannot know what the future holds. Thus it is our perspective about the future that will lay the foundation for what is coming around the bend.

If we want our future to look a certain way then we need to take charge. Uncertainty is always part of the process of taking charge and moving on. Courage to me is living with uncertainty. Our perspective or attitude on life not only changes the way we think but also changes our reality. Our attitudes do shape our future and the attainment of our goals and in this program, Shelley shows you how to make a positive change in the way you see yourself and your future.