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Oct 31, 2011

In this episode of "Ask Henry" with attorney Henry Gornbein, Henry answers the questions What Does Fault Mean in No-Fault Divorce and Are Prenuptial Agreements a good Idea Prior to Marriage?

If you have a legal question related to family law, "Ask Henry" is your opportunity to get an answer or second opinion.


Oct 28, 2011

Our guest, Lisa Decker ( who is referred to as Miss Money Matters ® - is the CEO and founder of Divorce Money Matters®. Ms. Decker is an expert in divorce financial matters, and a discreet problem-solver who guides her clients to “Divorce Your Spouse, Not Your Money®.”  She has been...

Oct 24, 2011

A monthly update of what's happening in and around DSR from Divorce Source Radio founder, Steve Peck.  This update is for the month of October 2011.