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Sep 30, 2012

On this episode of Single Again! Now What?, Joanie and Steve welcome the Reverend Ed Bacon, a frequent guest on Oprah Winfrey's Soul Series on Oprah & Friends Radio, discussing 21st century spirituality, and has been a guest panelist in the Spirituality 101 segment of The Oprah Show's "Living Your Best Life" series.

Sep 25, 2012

One of the biggest challenges for coparents is keeping the lines of communications open and being on the same page with each other. 

Communicating just got easier, and on this episode of Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck, Traci Whitney of Two Happy Homes joins us to talk about her website that provides a place...

Sep 20, 2012

Steve returns and shares highlights from his annual father/son baseball trip to Miami, AKA, The Breast of Miami.

Joanie shares her excitement for Fall and talks about her upcoming retreat for women going through or post cancer.
Joanie an Steve also talk about:

  • Students who have graduated from college and are having a...

Sep 16, 2012

In this episode of The Intelligent Divorce, with Mark Banschick, M.D., we discuss what it is about divorce that makes seemingly "normal" people behave in crazy, and even violent, ways?

Dr. Banschick explains that it's quite common for divorcing individuals to feel like they are the victim. This can even be the case for...

Sep 15, 2012

On our show today we had the great pleasure of speaking with founder of Life’s life and business coach Michael Tertes! Michael did something many of us dream of doing and quit his corporate job (that was sucking his soul and killing his family life) and followed his passion. It took Michael 10 years...