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Aug 26, 2013

On this episode of The Smart Divorce with Deborah Moskovitch we discuss Real Soloutions for Stepfamilies.

Did you know that the divorce rate for remarriages with children is at a whopping 62-70%? Did you know that most stepfamilies take years (four to six) before family members even begin to feel comfortable with one...

Aug 22, 2013

Steve and Joanie are back with another fun-filled and informative episode of Single Again! Now What? on Divorce Source Radio.

This shows topics include:

  • Joanie's Cancer Retreat
  • Will Joanie Go to Texas Next Week?
  • Steve's Trip to Boston
  • The ridiculous cost of vacations
  • Real Estate Values Rising
  • Which is best, Renting...

Aug 15, 2013

On this episode of Single Again! Now What? Joanie and Steve are trying their hand at doing the show "live" on Google Hangout. This technology provides our listeners the opportunity to watch us do the show and and interact with us.  

To watch this show on Google Hangout, visit


Aug 12, 2013

Now more than ever it’s time to consider a Prenuptial Agreement if you’re getting married, or a Cohabitation Agreement if you’re living together.   The prenup seems so utterly unromantic — or just plain wrong — but it's also become so right for so many these days: those keenly aware that a marriage may end up...

Aug 11, 2013

If you're going through a divorce or post divorce and finding it hard to sleep and having a hard time understanding your dreams, you're not alone. 

On this episode of Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck, Dream analyst, Patricia Baker joins us to help us better understand what's happening in our dream world.