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Jan 28, 2014

In episode #8 of The Anatomy of an Affair with David Feder, we take a look at the “other” man or woman who became involved with your partner.

How could another woman or man become involved with someone who was a relationship with someone else who had potentially been married for years and with children? 


Jan 21, 2014

January has been dubbed “divorce month” — and with good reason. It shows a higher number of divorce filings than any other month. Going through a divorce during the holidays can be emotionally draining, which is why many people don’t do it – they put it off until January. People don’t want to upset...

Jan 12, 2014

Happy New Year from Toni and Steve at Being Single!  We wish you the best year ever.

This first show of the New Year is jam packed with all kinds of fun stuff.  It's everything anyone who has ever been single can relate to.  Topics in the show include:

  • Steve & Toni's Christmas and New Year
  • The horrible flu...