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Mar 29, 2014

Is it possible to go to court and make the process less costly, less acrimonious and actually helpful? Find out how with Deborah Moskovitch and Steve Peck as we discuss with our guest, Justice Rebecca Love Kourlis of IAALS, access to justice, and what it means for family court litigants. Judge Kourlis is the author of...

Mar 21, 2014

Steve and Toni return with another blazing show.  Steve manages to get Toni furious when he plays a recording from a male chauvinist pig. (Steve‚Äôs always been good at pushing buttons.)  

Topics include:

  • Toni invites fans to join her for a concert downtown Chicago this weekend (3/23/2014)
  • Steve gets called a...

Mar 15, 2014

Top of the morning to ya and Happy St. Patrick's Day!  This show celebrates this day of green glory.

So sit back with a cold green beer or a pint of Guinness and let Toni and Steve entertaining you with all things single.

For more on Toni, visit  Join the Being Single Facebook community...

Mar 1, 2014

Welcome to March!  It's been a hard, cold winter and we're all ready for Spring.

Toni and Steve begin March with a ton of topics guaranteed to warm you up including:

  • Why are air fares soaring?
  • Does Playgirl Magazine still exist?
  • Sons of Anarchy vs. Breaking Bad
  • Can Divorce attorneys fire their clients?
  • How long does it...