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Apr 22, 2012

With divorce, single parent households and family crises on the rise, many people are experiencing the tumultuous dynamics of step-families.  In this episode of Divorce Source Radio from The Divorce Expo in Novi, Michigan, the author of Blended Families, Valerie Coleman joins us.  

As a step-mother, stepdaughter and now step-grandmother, Valerie has experienced the drama and reward of life in a step-family from multiple perspectives. For years, she struggled to parent five children from three different households. She instilled respect into her two biological sons and assumed the same respect would be honored by her husband’s children. At times, the frustration overwhelmed her. Without the support of family and friends, her marriage would have failed. 

If you are experiencing issues within your blended families, this is the program for you.  For more on Valerie Coleman, visit: