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Jan 23, 2013

Child support payments can be a source of concern, conflict, frustration, and confusion for many.     On this episode of The Smart Divorce with Deborah Moskovitch, our guest is lawyer Mike Marra.  Mike helps us to understand what parents really need to think about where child support is concerned.   Mr. Marra is a skilled lawyer family law lawyer with expertise in the areas of spousal support, complex financial situations, fraudulent spouses, trust claims, unfair agreements, protection of children's rights, estate litigation, high conflict custody and access situations and mediation methods.  He also worked for many years as legal counsel for the Family Responsibility Office, which enforces child and domestic support orders and collects support payments for families in Ontario, Canada.

Mr. Marra debunks the myths and misperceptions of child support.  And he shares with us information on his solution for managing child expenses in a non invasive way, eliminating conflict, while obtaining full financial disclosure in a non threatening, cost effective manner through a new support tool - Support Information Exchange, available across North America. 

To understand how these goals are met in reasonable manner we explore:

  • Protecting yourself from retroactive child support claims
  • Ensure that your right to obtain a percentage share of children’s special expenses is not lost
  • How to save legal fees and court costs on child support
  • And many other suggestions about the difficult conversation people rarely want to have about child support

To find out more information visit Support Information eXchange

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