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Apr 19, 2011

Our guest, Emily Brown, is Director of Key Bridge Therapy & Mediation Center in Arlington, VA. ( works with couples, individuals, and families regarding the underlying issues in marriage, divorce, and betrayal. Battles over custody and related issues that are fueled by a personality disordered spouse can be the most frustrating of all wars.  The judges regularly get conned by the personality disordered spouse who makes nice in front of the judge; the other spouse who is angry and upset appears to be the problem.  Emily has worked with a number of these cases, trying to extricate the victimized spouse – and overcoming the frustration which many experience.  Tough cases, but she likes the challenge.

Topics in this program include:

  • ·         Insight into personality disorder
  • ·         How to deal with a persistent blamer, and managing within the legal system
  • ·         How to help children when their parent is personality disordered
  • ·         Finding the help you need to cope
  • ·         The purpose of child custody evaluations with a personality disordered ex spouse.