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Nov 22, 2011

In the final episode of our ten-part series of Sex after Divorce - Reconnecting with Our Sexual Selves, Juliana Neiman talks about creating your own personal retreat at home as a means of self discovery and growth.


Not everyone can afford or needs to go away to a personal retreat to work through their issues after divorce.  Juliana shows us how to get the most out of being alone at home and spending time reflecting on what has and hasn't served us in past and offers insight into making healthy choices that will lead to fulfilling future relationships.


Topics in the program  include:

  • Learning the ten emotional and sexual basics in a relationship
  • Defining what intimacy really is
  • Discovering your realistic expectations for a new relationship
  • Learning to deal with your daily stressors
  • Dealing with anger and disappointment
  • And much more.