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Aug 9, 2019

This is the first episode in our twelve-part series from Journey Beyond Divorce with Karen McMahon and Lisa Brick.

The emotional storm of divorce creates chaos and uncertainty and often leaves us struggling to keep our heads above water. Emotions from fear and anger, pain and devastation can sink us on a daily basis.

Today’s show Curb the Conflict of Divorce details two effective strategies that offer you the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of and control over your emotional reactions. After listening to today’s discussion, you will see the suffering you create by the way you react. You will also receive tangible, immediate action steps that you can take to change your experience.

Karen and Lisa will discuss the power in shifting the focus off our spouse and looking at our part in the turmoil. They will challenge you to notice what triggers you, how your choose to perceive situations and what happens when you step back, slow down and embrace new perspectives and behaviors that are more aligned with what you move from chaos to calm, clear and confident.

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