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May 5, 2020

You kids have been experiencing conflict throughout the marriage, even if you think you have ‘hidden’ it from them.  Now that a decision has been made to divorce, tensions will only rise. It is all the more important to focus on protecting your children now while navigating a high conflict divorce.  


Deciding when, how and what to tell the kids about the divorce is just the beginning.  Figuring out how to parent in the ‘in between’ while still living together is another sensitive topic that needs to be handled carefully.  Then there is the possibility that you or your spouse may blame, criticize or bad mouth the other to the kids. This is always harmful to them and we discuss what you can do to minimize the damage. 


Finally, the money earning parent may want to increase his/her time with the children. We discuss the importance of honoring and maintaining as much ‘normalcy’ as possible for your kids and handling any change with caution and clear communication, so they understand what is happening and why.  Parenting post divorce may be equally challenging. Tune in to hear options for decision making and shared parenting time that puts the kids first.