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Apr 7, 2020

Living with a narcissist is ‘crazy making’.  Understanding your role in the ongoing insanity is vital in order to create lasting change. In order to navigate your divorce effectively and strategically and emerge confident and renewed, it is essential that you keep your focus on that which you have power over...your thoughts, feelings and behavior.

Today’s episode invites you into a ‘coaching experience’ where we validate your reality of fear and uncertainty, of your self esteem and confidence having been chiseled away in your dysfunctional marriage.  Tune in to access powerful strategies to begin to feel confident and empowered. Learn how futile many of your efforts of engaging with your spouse have been and how to let go of those behaviors. Receive new ways of thinking and being that lead you through your divorce with greater calm and clarity and invite you into a new and immensely more pleasing life experience.

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