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Sep 27, 2013

Divorce is never easy, and most of us aren't prepared to handle all that comes along with it.

How will you deal with being alone after years of marriage?  What do you tell your children and how can you be a role model to them during this very tough time?  How can you make ends meet with half the money you used to have?  And how will you pick up the pieces and move on to a new life with healthier relationships? These are just a few of the questions one faces when going through divorce. 

On this episode of Single Again! Now What? Joanie Winberg and Steve Peck introduce you to a new website designed to help you survive your divorce.  It's the Divorce Support Center at:

Co founders Lisa LaBelle and Amy Osmond Cook join us to introduce their new website and most importantly, offer hope.

If you're thinking the name Osmond sounds familiar and wondering if Amy is any relation to the famous Donny and Marie Osmond you're spot on.  Amy Osmond Cook is their niece and like Lisa, has experienced divorce first hand.

This is a program that's both fun and informative and a must listen for anyone who has been there, doing, or done that.

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