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Jul 10, 2014


What do you do when the life you’re living no longer fits on the foundation where it’s settled?  How do you access the strength to make a dramatic shift that will rock your whole world?  When you’ve had enough, how do you get to what’s next?


In this episode of Being Single with Steve Peck and Toni Morales,  Nancy Levin joins us. Nancy is the author of the best-selling book Jump and Your Life Will Appear – An Inch-by-Inch Guide to Making a Major Change. 


Nancy shares her personal journey of turning an extremely painful moment in her life into  one of personal growth, self-discovery and happiness. 


Nancy believes that whatever you’re facing at this time in your life It’s time to face and embrace your fears, create the courage necessary to take the leap toward self-love, and reap the rewards of the unforseen gifts and opportunities that await you upon landing.


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