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Mar 1, 2013

It's been said that Immature love is loving someone for what they do right; mature love is loving someone is spite of what they do wrong.  In this episode of The Smart Divorce with Deborah Moskovitch, Dr. Mark Goulston joins us to discuss the potential for fixing relationships.

Dr. Goulston offers an approach to therapy that is accessible and doesn't require deep thinking or deep insights to be effective. Mark Goulston, Ph.D. is one of America’s top psychiatrists, and specializes in helping people to get through to anybody, anywhere, anytime.  He’s the best selling author of six books including the #1 international best seller, "Just Listen" Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone.  He’s often appears on TV and in print.  Appearances include: Oprah, CNN, The Today Show, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune and many other media outlets.Dr. Goulston discusses his extraordinary program on fixing your marriage and rebuilding your relationship. 

There is so much to learn, and if you follow Dr. Goulston's advice, before you know it, you will be holding hands, and your friends will ask “ what happened to you?” As partners learn the skills to effectively deal with disagreements, disappointments and upsets and make things better without making them worse, each develops emotional toughness, self-respect and self-esteem. Add to that effective conflict-resolution skills and tools derived from mindfulness and positive psychology, and any motivated couple can move to a shared future that more than makes up for any emotional baggage they may still have from their genes and upbringing.

For More on Dr. Goulston visit: The Huffington Post, or his personal website.

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