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Jun 22, 2012

On episode #20 of Single Again! Now What? Lesley and Steve are holding down the fort.  (Joanie got called into a meeting an hour before doing the show.)

Lesley and Steve talked about everything in this show including:

  • Breaking relationships into a mathematical equation based on the book Emotion Equation
  • Octo-Mom agrees to do an adult film
  • The life of a hooker
  • Stupid laws
  • Downtown Atlanta
  • Shuffleboard bar game
  • Changing equipment in golf and tennis while baseball stays the same
  • Roger Clemens verdict and steroids in sports
  • Doctors not telling patients the need to Co-Q10 when taking satins
  • Facelifts and Botox
  • Improving your self confidence by working out
  • Steve talks about his band in middle school and posts a song on Single Again's Facebook page
  • Changing the blade on a lawnmower
  • And last but not least, we have the privilege of meeting Lesley's son Jack.

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