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Sep 16, 2019

Step 11 challenges you to utilize all you have learned in the previous ten steps to design and move towards your ideal post divorce life now, regardless of if you are pre, in the midst of, or post divorce. Put it together to create a more encompassing perspective and begin to experience life as an unpredictable adventure that you have the power to influence profoundly.  By assuming full responsibility for your life, you can engage with a creative freedom and use your power to direct yourself towards the life you desire. 

Receive a powerful navigation tool, the MIFR, which is both a broom and a life compass.  It allows you to sweep your mind clean of old ways of reacting using Mindfulness to analyze any reaction before you take action. Using Inquiry to correct your course of action through Focus, and finally navigate to destinations of your choosing by Reframing your perspective.

The MIFR allows you to take action in ways supportive of your goals, sweeping away perspectives and actions that have undermined your success in the past.

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