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Mar 21, 2014

Steve and Toni return with another blazing show.  Steve manages to get Toni furious when he plays a recording from a male chauvinist pig. (Steve’s always been good at pushing buttons.)  

Topics include:

  • Toni invites fans to join her for a concert downtown Chicago this weekend (3/23/2014)
  • Steve gets called a metro-sexual by a listener
  • Steve finds an amazing song on American Idol – The Story of My Life is the song and the verse Steve Loves it the one Toni hates!  A fight ensues…
  • Steve’s Favorite American Idol is…
  • Steve play’s Toni a cut from radio personality Tom Leykis, that gets Toni furious with his anti-women and marriage comments.  Tom claims women don’t deserve spousal support.
  • Is the divorce industry corrupt?
  • Steve shares his personal story of why his relationships don’t work.  Deep stuff here.
  • A Radio Syndication deal could be in the works for Being Single
  • What are the possibilities of having sex in space and how would you do it?
  • And much more.

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