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Sep 6, 2019

(Listener Note: This is Step #8 of this 12 step series. To take full advantage of this please visit our show archive and listen to the episodes in their proper order).

Divorce is a time of upheaval and chaos.  Life as you’ve known it is changing daily in ways small and large.  You are responsible for many to do’s to manage the change. Exactly where all this change is leading is unknowable yet your mind is in overload attempting to predict your future or figure out the past.  In Step 8 we discuss the importance of leading your head to where your feet are or, bringing yourself to and staying present in the moment. 

It is an ingrained habit of mind to time travel to attempt to figure out the unknowable.  When we get lost in reflections of the past or fears projected onto our futures we waste the present by disabling our ability to be effective in the one place that is real and where we have power,  right here and right now.

Staying present in the moment eliminates the feelings of powerlessness that so many individuals experience during divorce. Easily accessible tools and effective practices are available to bring you back to, and keep you in present moment awareness. In this present moment that you are powerful to choose and take considered and strategic actions to navigate wisely and well through your divorce as well as the rest of your life.  

Understand how you are intensifying that pain, how to begin minimizing it, and how to use present moment awareness to make your journey through divorce and beyond as easy and pleasurable as possible.

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